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Noah turned eight months old yesterday and marked the occasion by waking up at 5am, taking a one hour nap at 830am, and refusing to sleep THE WHOLE DAY until he finally deigned to be nursed to sleep at 11pm. I was so tired and so thankful that C was very supportive. He woke up at 630am when I couldn’t get Noah to go back to sleep, and entertained him without a single complaint the whole day. I was much less patient with the baby, and got really frustrated when he whined or refused to nurse properly.

These days, I’ve got a pretty short fuse, and I get upset with Noah more frequently. It’s a good thing that C works from home, and he takes us out for a meal when I look clearly too frazzled to be cooped up at home with a whiny baby. We visited PoTeaTo on Wednesday, and popped by Books Actually after lunch. I can’t believe I’ve never been there! C bought a total of five books for the three of us, and I was really happy to have gotten out of the house.

Noah checking out the menu at PoTeaTo


After coming down with the flu bug two weeks ago, Noah has since refused to eat anything and everything. He always looks very interested in whatever we are eating, but once we try to get any food into his mouth, he struggles crazily with us and spits out whatever we manage to shove in. Yesterday, however, he actually ate a bit of a grape at my godsis’ place! We were so excited that we took some grapes home after that, so that we could try giving them to him again. According to the suggested list of foods for babies, we are supposed to give him meats and fish first, before starting him on fruits, but at this stage, I think we’ll be happy if he eats anything.

This month, Noah started teething! He’s got two tiny teeth sprouting out from his lower gum, and he’s been biting everything he can get his hands on. Thankfully, he doesn’t drool a lot, so I don’t have to put a bib on him yet. I can’t get a good photo of them yet, but I’ll try to get a few shots of it soon. This is the last of his toothless grins, and we wonder what he’ll look like with teeth.

Noah’s skin is still sensitive and he has a perpetual rash on his neck and arms, which I’ve been treating with some Lavender essential oil mixed with jojoba oil. A friend of mine recommended using oils, as Noah has been scratching his scalp till it bleeds, and she thought that the lavender would soothe the itch. He still scratches himself quite a bit, and the patches of eczema still haven’t cleared up, but I’ll keep trying the oils for a while, as I kinda like the smell of it think it is a more natural way of treating his rash, as compared to the steroid creams prescribed.

The little boy has been shouting a lot these days, especially when we are out in public. When I mentioned it to some of my mummy friends, they told me that it’s perfectly normal, as he’s exploring and hasn’t learnt how to control his volume yet. It’s important to have people to talk to, when it comes to babies and kids, and I really appreciate all the support I’ve been getting from everyone! The ladies at church are a good source of information too, as many of them have kids of their own, so they often offer me advice and help to babysit Noah in church too.

Noah hasn’t learnt how to crawl yet, though he bounces a lot, and lunges for things sometimes. He’s definitely not a risk-taker at the moment, and when what he wants is out of reach, he will lunge for it, realise that it’s too far, and hastily retreat. Sometimes, he doesn’t make it back into his original sitting position, and ends up sideways, on his face. It’s quite a funny sight, and we always laugh at him before picking him up.

Peekaboo is his new favourite game, and he doesn’t seem to get tired of it at all. He has this proud look on his face each time he manages to pull the cloth off his head, and bounces up and down while waiting for us to throw the cloth on him again.





I can’t believe that he’s eight months old already! My friend asked me the other day if we were planning to celebrate his first birthday, and I was stunned because I hadn’t even thought of it yet! Guess we have to start thinking about whether we want to have a party soon…

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