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Down with a Bug

I came down with a really bad sore throat on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon, I was so uncomfortable that C had to come home early from work so that I could see the doctor. I didn’t want to bring the baby to the clinic and expose him to even more germs! The doctor prescribed some Paracetamol for my body aches and mild lozenges for the sore throat, as I’m still breastfeeding. She also told me to wear a mask when I’m breastfeeding the baby, which I tried to do diligently, but I gave up after a while as it got quite uncomfortable and Noah kept trying to swipe it away from my face.

I’ve been gargling with warm salt water, and although I’ve managed to cough out some really disgusting phlegm, the sore throat hasn’t gone away yet. To make matters worse, I’ve also lost my voice. I can’t really talk and I have had to resort to whispering when I speak to Noah. He finds it funny and would smile or laugh whenever I whisper, so I guess it’s good that at least one person is enjoying my misery. Poor C seems to have caught my bug and is now also suffering from a sore throat. Sigh.

I pray that God will heal both of us as soon as possible and protect Noah from this virus!

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