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Blocked for the Third Time

I don’t know why it keeps happening to me but my left boob is blocked again. It seems as though it happens every month and it’s really annoying. The lady I used previously seems to be overseas and so, I had to get the massage lady from my confinement period to come and help me.

Unfortunately, the blockage this time seems to be quite severe and even after her session with me yesterday, I can still feel the lump there. I’ve used a heat pack on it, massaged it and pumped numerous times but they only provide short-term relief. To make matters worse, the blockage caused me to develop a fever and body aches. Thank God that C is back from his business trip and he could help out more with Noah, bathing him and keeping him entertained.

Noah’s appetite seems to be getting smaller and I think that might be why my boob got blocked. He also seems to spit up in his sleep, causing the neckline of his rompers to turn a crusty yellow and his neck to trap moisture and become very red.

I pray that the blockage will clear as soon as possible as Noah is due for his vaccination tomorrow and I need to be well enough to monitor him. I also pray that he won’t develop a fever this time, so that he will be able to nurse more regularly.

Sigh. I don’t know how I’ll be able to stop breastfeeding in the future if my boobs get blocked so easily.

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