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Blocked Ducts

The massage lady came again on Sunday but she wasn’t able to clear the blocked ducts. My lump remained massive and the fever persisted. She used a really hot stone to try to soften the lump but all it did was cause me to be mildly scalded and even more pain. She also used plenty of force to massage the area so you can imagine the amount of pain I was in. Finally, she told me that I had to see a doctor as she had never experienced such a stubborn and huge lump before.

On Monday morning, I popped two Panadols before heading to TMC to see the lactation consultants. Thank God that I didn’t wait too long before deciding to see them as my boob is apparently quite badly infected. The nurse told me that if it had developed pus, I would require a breast surgeon to drain it for me. She checked the colour of my milk and said it looked okay, so they could proceed with plenty of massaging to soften the lump a little. However, I had to see a doctor to get antibiotics for the infection as my ducts can’t be cleared simply by massaging.

Right now, the lump is still there and my milk flow is definitely affected. I also have blisters on my nipple, courtesy of Noah’s poor latch. The fever is gone though, so I’m really praying that the blockage will clear up soon. I have to keep massaging the area and pump after each feed, which is really exhausting. Noah has also been cranky after his jab and only slept at midnight last night after plenty of crying. He cried, not me, though I really felt like crying too! Sigh. The woes of a breastfeeding mum…

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