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Birthday Planning Part Two

I started scouting around for party venues after I blogged about Part One, and one suggestion I got was the EatPlayLove Cafe. The party package was pretty reasonable, so our little family trouped down to the cafe for lunch one day, just to see if we would like the food and venue.

I was glad to see that the menu had both Thai and Western dishes, as we needed to accommodate the food preferences of our parents. We both enjoyed the appetisers and main courses that we ordered, so that made our decision a lot easier. I loved the whole concept of the cafe, even though we didn’t have time to stop and do a bit of crafting there that day. It was filled with all the old-school tidbits that we remember so fondly, and the entire cafe was beautifully decorated as well. We also like that our guests can do a bit of crafting during the party, and have made tentative arrangements for that.

Noah at the EatPlayLove Cafe

Now that we have our venue, the next things on our to-do list will be getting a cake, and some additional decoration items. I’m planning to go with a simple Animal theme, since his name IS Noah, and getting some walking pet balloons as party favours for the few kids attending. And yes, I’m very tempted to be cheesy and get them in pairs. We found some balloon contacts online, and plan to check them out in detail soon. We want as little fuss as possible, so we were tempted to just pay for the extra decorations to be done. Some of our friends have very kindly offered to help with that, which means we can spend more on the actual decorations, rather than pay for manpower.

As for his cake, I’m still trying to decide if we should order a fondant cake, or buy some toy animals to plonk on top of a plain chocolate cake. Decisions, decisions…

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