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Birthday Planning Part Three: Balloons and More, Oh My!

We wanted our party to be as fuss-free as possible, so the best way (to us) to decorate the party venue, would be to add balloons, and possibly a banner. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re going with an Animal theme, and will be getting some Walking Pets, which will serve to decorate the venue during the party, and serve as party favours for the few little ones attending. Sorry, adults, none for you! 

I turned to our trusty Google search engine for help, as well as the SMB community, and here’s a little list for those of you who might also be looking for party planning ideas.

1. Balloon Blasters – We visited their store at PasarBella, and though they have an impressive selection of balloons, they don’t have any Walking Pets, so we won’t be using them this time round.

2. Kidz Party Store – Good variety of balloons (including Walking Pets) and other party decorations, such as banners, tablecloths, centerpieces, as well as disposable utensils. They also have customised banners, so you can choose to put your child’s photo on the banner. Party packages are also available, offering a discount, together with optional upgrades. I was interested in the Jungle Animal theme, which has quite a wide range of items, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were selling the same items at a lower price than what I saw in a shop at Nex. Their website is rather comprehensive, and the prices are listed clearly. There are separate prices for the balloons if you want them to be filled with helium, so do check carefully. Also, the balloons don’t come with weights, so if you want weights for the larger helium-filled foil balloons (not the latex ones), you will need to pay extra for them.

3. MiiniWorld – They have a wider range of Walking Pets than Kidz Party Store, and have similar balloons. Prices aren’t listed on the website, so you’ll have to email them for a quote. They do respond quite promptly, so no worries there. The downside is that they don’t supply anything else apart from balloons, which means I will need to buy the banner elsewhere beforehand.

4. Balloons n Kids – Walking Pets are also available, as well as Balloon Packages. Similar selection of balloons as Kidz Party Store and MiiniWorld, but they don’t have other party decorations. What I found interesting is that they offer rental of various costumes for the children, which will allow them to transform into their favourite characters. It’s a good solution for parents who don’t want to buy the actual costume for their kids, especially since they will outgrow it really soon. The $50 deposit is refundable, though a penalty will be imposed if the costume is damaged, stained, or returned late.

5. Party Perfect – They’ll do everything for you, but as we want to keep it simple, I didn’t really look at this company in detail. From the little I saw of it, I think it looks like a good option if you want to customise your party a lot more, without having to actually do the work.

6. Harvest Well Enterprise  – This was the most expensive of the lot, and even though they have walking pets as well as banners, I could get the exact same items at a lower price from one of the other companies. Good if you want a wide range to choose from, and if you have an unlimited budget. They also have helium tanks and confetti launchers for rental!

7. Baby Terror Online / One Party Store – Just added this after a reader suggested checking them out, as she usually gets her supplies from them. Their website has quite a good selection of items, and they provide additional services such as Face Painting and Balloon Sculpturing. A good option if you are hosting a party with plenty of kids who will need to be entertained.

After checking out these seven companies, I got lazy and decided not to look around anymore. Sometimes,the more options I have, the more confused I get! I’m extremely indecisive by nature, so more choices will probably make my decision-making process even more difficult than it already is. I haven’t decided which company to get our balloons from yet, but hey, at least I came up with a list, right? 😛

PS. Just in case you don’t know what Walking Pets are, here’s an adorable Walking Pet Corgi (our favourite breed!).

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