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Birthday Party Planning Part One

Noah is turning ONE really soon and we’ve been debating whether to have a birthday celebration for him. We don’t think he’s actually going to remember it, because let’s face it, do any of us even remember our first birthday parties? We also had a pretty big celebration for his first month, so the thought of doing it all over again doesn’t appeal to us at all.

Yes, this little one is actually going to be a year old soon! 

The sentimental part of me cannot bring myself to ignore this momentous event, so we’re now thinking of having a really small celebration, with just our immediate family members and close friends. There was also the discussion on whether to combine both groups or to have two separate celebrations, but the jury’s still out on that. We’re leaning towards having just one party, just so it’s less tiring for us, but at the same time, we have our reservations about whether we’d be able to spend quality time with the two different groups. Food will also be an issue, as the older folks don’t quite enjoy the ‘ang moh’ food that we prefer.

Right now, our options are:

1. Function room with catered reception Pros: Simple, fuss-free, most affordable option of the lot. Cons: Boring, because we did the same thing for his first month celebration. Also, as we don’t live in a condo, we have to trouble one of our relatives to book the function room for us.

2. Hotel buffet Pros: Wide variety of food, which will cater to everyone. No fuss either, because there’s not much work involved, apart from making reservations. Cons: Might be costly, unless we can find a cheap and good buffet. Since we’re looking at having 20-30 people, we should be able to reserve a section of the seating area for our party, but there won’t be any decorations. Which might be a good thing, since it means one less thing for us to do.

3. Small restaurant Pros: Even if we only need a section of the restaurant, it’s still probably rather private. They might also allow us to decorate the place, and we can have a cake-cutting ceremony too. Cons: Most of the small restaurants we know don’t serve Chinese food, so if we combine the family members and friends, we might have a problem with the food options. Cost-wise, we haven’t actually gotten quotations from any restaurant, but I’m guessing it won’t be that cheap either.

Most of our close friends don’t have kids yet, so we won’t be looking for a place like Seb’s Bistro or Polliwogs. That will come when he’s older and can actually play at these places.

Slightly more than two months to go, and we’re only just starting to think about having a party for him. Oops. I guess this post is kinda like my cry for help, since we can’t seem to get our act together. So, erm, does anyone have any good suggestions for us?

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