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Birrarung Marr Playground & Yarra River

Noah’s first experience at a playground in Singapore wasn’t exactly a very exciting one, mainly because he can’t walk by himself yet, and therefore, couldn’t quite appreciate the idea of a playground. Also, the ones near our house have all been ‘upgraded’, and don’t have any swings, for some strange reason. Aren’t swings, see-saws, and slides supposed to be the staples in a playground?

I was thrilled when I saw that the Birrarung Marr Playground, situated on the north bank of the Yarra River, next to Federation Square, had two swings, and that one of them was suitable for young children like Noah.

Birrarung Marr


Noah in the bucket swing. You can see a little girl on the other swing behind us. She clearly wasn’t as affected by the cold weather as we were!


Higher, mummy! 


I love this picture of him!


There were two rather steep (to me) slides, which many of the older kids seemed to really enjoy. Some were busy climbing the slopes next to the slides, and a few older boys actually went down the slopes on their bicycles.



If your child loves to play with sand, there’s a sandpit next to some picnic benches, which is partially shaded. The entire playground is a large sandpit actually. None of the padded floors we have in Singapore now, just good, old-fashioned, sand.

Older children will probably enjoy the playground more, as they can do a lot of climbing and running around here. The two colourful plastic slides on the right may appeal to those who are less adventurous, as they are definitely not as steep as the previous two metal ones.

The playground


If they are tired of playing at the playground, they can always hang out along the banks of the gorgeous Yarra River. Many people can be seen on the grassy banks if the weather is good, and the pathway is also pretty crowded with people taking a stroll.

Yarra river and the Rod Laver Arena in the background


Pointing out the swans to Noah


The weather that day was very nice, with plenty of sunshine, and none of the chilling winds we had been experiencing that week. It was a lovely last weekend for us in Melbourne, and I’m so glad that we were able to spend time as a family, in such a beautiful setting.

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