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Best Birthday Ever!

Today has been the best birthday I’ve ever had! Not that my previous birthdays have been bad, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been so very blessed this year that it tops all the other wonderful celebrations I’ve had.

I honestly didn’t expect anything special this year, since I’m in the middle of my confinement and C acted so normally that I was completely clueless about all the planning going on behind my back. My birthday celebration actually started yesterday, when my elder godsis brought a cake over to our place last night and my god-nephew, Nat, presented me with a lovely sunflower. Noah was already asleep by then, and since he had a lot of trouble falling asleep during the day yesterday, we decided not to wake him up. Never wake a sleeping baby! You never know how long it will take you to get him to fall asleep again. Anyway, C gave me my gift, a beautiful Macbook Air which I’m using right now to write this post, just before midnight and I was thrilled with the lovely surprise from him. I had no idea that he had an even bigger surprise waiting for me today!

Basically, my church friend M was scheduled to visit this afternoon and to me, it was like any other visit I’ve had so far. I had a nice nap before she arrived and was still in my little lala-land, completely unaware that my other church friends were coming too. M arrived, together with her husband and little girl, so we all sat around chatting until Noah woke up for his feed. I brought Noah into our bedroom to nurse him and while I was in there with him, my other friends secretly arrived! I heard a baby crying outside and was wondering why M’s little Megan was crying, since she seemed perfectly contented before I went into the room. Little did I know that it was J’s baby, not Megan! Imagine my surprise when I came out of the room with Noah, and saw J emerging from Noah’s room, telling me that she used my changing table. In that moment, all I could say was, ‘Oh sure!’ (I think that’s what I said!) while my mind was going, ‘Why is J here?’ Then I looked at my living room and it was filled with my friends! C had planned the entire surprise so well that I didn’t suspect a thing. I think even Noah was in on the secret, since he woke up at the perfect time for his feed! Daddy has him well-trained, I think! 😉

This year, I am truly overwhelmed by the bountiful blessings that God has showered upon me. I am so very blessed to be married to C, the love of my life, who has never failed to support me in all that I have done. He has gotten me perfect gifts each year and always comes up with wonderful celebrations, be it for my birthday or our wedding anniversary. Quite a feat, since we’ve been together for more than ten years now! I am thankful for Noah, our little miracle baby, who has such a sweet disposition. He hardly cries, except when he’s hungry or over-tired like yesterday, and he can usually lie quietly on his own in his cot, before falling asleep on his own. He has the sweetest gummy little smile that melts our hearts and it’s been such a joy watching him interact with his daddy. I’m highly biased of course, since he’s my baby boy, but that’s what being a mother does to you. I am also touched that my friends took the time to come to our place to surprise me, and I am grateful for their friendship. I’ve had so many friends providing me with emotional support and covering us in prayer throughout my pregnancy, and I hope that I am as good a friend to them as they are to me. Above all, I am humbled by God’s unfailing love and faithfulness to us. Best birthday, EVER! 🙂

Update: In my haste to upload this post before midnight, I forgot to mention that M was the mastermind behind today’s surprise. Oops! She was the one who suggested surprising me by gathering all our church friends and was the ‘decoy’ who had to come earlier to our place. Big hug to her! 🙂

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