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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 will always be a very special year for our family, because we welcomed our twins in August, and relocated to Jakarta in November. We’re still adjusting to living as expats in a foreign country, so it really helped that we were able to have a very busy but enjoyable two weeks back in Singapore recently.

We went back to Singapore as the twins were scheduled to have their vaccinations, and it coincided with the Christmas break, so C took time off work for a much-needed two week break. Unfortunately, all three kids fell ill once we got back to Singapore, and poor Meimei even had Pneumococcal AND Coronavirus. Sigh. Thankfully, the babies recovered well enough to get their second dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, and N got a jab for erm, I can’t remember what.

One thing I’m thankful for is that we actually made it to church for the babies’ first ever Christmas service, which they mostly slept through. It felt good to be back in the church where I grew up (I’ve been there for about 27 years!) and where we got married, and I pray that we will find a suitable church here in Jkt soon.

All dressed up for church

Family wefie of sorts before service began

N was feeling lonely in Jkt, since we haven’t really made many friends here, and he was really missing his friends back in Singapore. I organised playdates almost daily for him during our trip home, and I’m very thankful to all our friends who made time for us.

What really touched me was how N’s best friend’s mum readily agreed to come over to our place, despite only meeting us once at a school event. N had been telling us that he really missed his best friend L, and when I showed him a photo of L, he actually started tearing. My heart really broke, I tell you, so I was extremely thankful when L’s mum said that L has also been missing N, and that they could come over for a play date. The two boys had so much fun together, and we were most amused by their conversations and pretend play. They enjoyed themselves so much that we had a tough time ending the play date, as the boys kept begging to play “for a long while more, not a short while”.

Best friends reunited

At some of our other playdates

With his cousins

Apart from catching up with our friends, we also ate a lot, since we missed some of the local dishes such as my favourite Yong’s Teochew Kueh, Tanjong Rhu Char Siew Paus (which my friend kindly brought over), and erm, plenty of pork. Our friend even made the most amazing sio bak for us, and it was soooooooo good!

Yong’s Teochew Kueh

Tanjong Rhu Pau

Best sio bak ever!

I haven’t quite had time to think about what I’d like to achieve in 2017, but one of the items on my to-do list is to learn Bahasa Indonesia, so that I can communicate with our helper. It’s starting to set in that this is our new life for now, and there will be plenty of challenges ahead, but I pray that we will be able to settle in as a family soon, and grow closer together.

Have a blessed 2017, everyone!

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