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Arthayasa Stables & Country Club’s Morning at the Barn

We’re constantly on the lookout for interesting things to do in Jakarta, and Arthayasa Stables & Country Club‘s Morning at the Barn seemed to fit the bill perfectly. We didn’t have to travel THAT far, there’s nature involved (which is pretty rare in Jakarta I think), and it looked like something that N would enjoy.

The drive there took about 1 to 1.5 hours, and Google maps was really effective in guiding us there, especially since the entrance to the road leading to Arthayasa was really inconspicuous. We got there slightly before 9am, and registered at the main building, where horse-riding lessons are conducted, before driving to the cafe/pool area, where the kids worked on their crafts while waiting for the horses to be ready.

Horse-riding lesson in progress

Entrance to the cafe and pool area

The cafe

Cafe Menu

The adults ordered some drinks and had a good time chatting, while the staff kept the two boys occupied with colouring activities and the decorating of horseshoes. We were told that the horses would only be ready at 10am, so after the boys were done with their crafts, the staff played soccer with them. We were the only two families that day, although they can usually take up to six children. It was a good thing we invited our friends to go with us, or N would be really bored by himself!


With his “rainbow horse”

Decorating his horseshoe

The boys with their masterpieces

Playing soccer

We had the option of swimming there, but the large pool was out of bounds because of the rain (or something like that), and the kids pool was quite small, so we figured it wasn’t worth the hassle of getting the kids changed and in the pool. Anyway, they were busy playing, and didn’t even ask to go swimming.

The large pool

The kids pool

The horses and their grooms soon made their appearance, and the two boys were absolutely thrilled. They were taken for a 20-minute ride, and came back asking if they could ride the horses again, because they had so much fun. The parents had the option of following them on foot while they rode, but the dads decided that they seemed fine with the three staff members accompanying them, and the mums had to be with the babies, so we didn’t tag along.

N on his horse

Riding off

Happy boys

The boys were disappointed that they couldn’t ride the horses again, but thankfully, they were easily distracted by the opportunity to feed the horses. They ran out of carrots quite quickly, but I convinced N that the horses were full and didn’t want to eat any more carrots.

Do you want a carrot?

Here you go!

After the kids fed the horses, all of us watched the farrier change the shoe of one of the horses. I thought it was a really educational session, as the staff explained the process and the parents agreed that we learnt quite a bit too. The in-house vet then taught the children about the horse’s different body parts, and even let them listen to the horse’s heartbeat.

Watching the farrier intently

Learning about the horse’s body

This is where the horse’s heart is

Listening to the horse’s heartbeat

It was time for grooming the horses next, and the boys learnt to first brush and comb a horse’s coat, before helping to shampoo and bathe it.



Scraping water off the horse

While the older boys were busy bathing the horse, Didi and Meimei checked out the other horses. Meimei was absolutely thrilled, and laughed as she reached out to touch the horses. Didi was expressionless throughout the whole experience, and I’m not even sure if he even noticed anything different about his surroundings.

Meimei was so happy!

Didi and Meimei being examined by the horse

Snippets of what we did during Morning at the Barn

It was a Saturday morning well-spent, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an educational and unique experience in Jakarta. We spent about three hours there, and although traffic back to the city was pretty bad around noon, it was still manageable. Do note that there were plenty of flying insects and mosquitoes there, especially at the cafe, so don’t forget to bring your insect repellent.

Morning at the Barn is on Saturdays, between 9am to 2pm, and Rp200,000 for children aged between 3 to 12 years old. Children below 3 enter free, but don’t get to go horse-riding. Adults need to pay Rp50,000 to use the swimming pool, and you can enquire about horse-riding for adults if you weigh 75kg and below. I’m not sure if it’s a requirement, but do dress your kids in long pants and covered shoes for the horse-riding. Lastly, don’t forget to make an online booking on their website before heading down, as certain dates are already fully booked.

Have fun!

Arthayasa Stables & Country Club Address: Jalan Bulak Tengki/Kp Grogol No.10, Limo, Depok, West Java 16514, Indonesia Tel: 0217547025 Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8am-12noon and 2pm-4pm (Horses and ponies rest between 12noon to 2pm) Website HERE Book a Morning at the Barn session HERE

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