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All’s Good!

Noah had his second dose of the Pneumococcal vaccine as well as his monthly check-up on Thursday. This was slightly later than usual as the PD was on leave at the end of last month, but it’s okay as it gave the little man more time to put on weight!

Although Noah’s height and head circumference barely increased, it was a real relief that he put on about 800g this time round, bringing him out of the pathetic 10th percentile zone. Phew! Dr Tay said she’s pleased with his growth now so we can officially start solids when he turns six months old. Less than three weeks to go! Eeeks! I can’t imagine not being his only source of food anymore. Yes, I know I’m nuts, but I’m already dreading having to wean him. 🙁

Noah has been spitting up quite a bit recently and we were getting a little worried about it. Dr Tay just smiled when we mentioned it to her, as she said it’s because he’s very active. I was also concerned that he might be hyperactive, as he seems to be kicking constantly and flailing his arms way too much for my liking, but Dr Tay told us that it’s impossible to diagnose hyperactivity at this age, so we just left it at that.

Dr Tay also noted that his tongue now seems longer and thinks he most probably won’t need surgery on his frenulum anymore, which is a huge relief for me. Being an EL teacher, I was really freaking out about the thought of him having a short tongue and not being able to speak clearly. I know that it would have been a simple procedure if he really needed it, but thank God that he won’t have to go through it.

His scalp is still a little red and patchy every now and then, so we’ve been told to continue using the cradle cap shampoo. His hair is growing very very slowly but that’s not something I worry about at all. If anything, I think his almost-bald look is kinda cute and helps make him look more boyish. Strangers keep asking me if he’s a girl, even if I dress him in blue rompers!

Anyway, we are just very thankful that he’s been given a clean bill of health at this check-up. He wailed when he got the jab but that’s perfectly normal. No fever this time too, although the crankiness factor went up quite a few notches. I was so happy when C came home from work yesterday, as I had had to deal with His Royal Crankypots all day long. C’s leaving on Monday for a two-week long business trip and I’m really dreading it, so I’ve been trying to make plans to meet up with some friends while he’s away.

Thank You, God, for helping Noah to grow more this month and for keeping him in good health. Please continue to watch over all of us and keep us healthy so that we can enjoy spending time as a family. Amen.

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