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With All My Love… #8

Dearest baby,

I can’t believe that you’re six months old already. I can still remember wondering if I’d ever have a baby of my own, not too long ago. I meant to write this letter to you when you turned six months old on Wednesday, but you seem to have decided that naps aren’t your thing at all, so the past two days have been really exhausting for me. I keep reminding myself that it’s better to be kept awake by my baby, than have no baby at all, and that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

You had your first taste of rice cereal on Wednesday, and though you didn’t seem that enthusiastic about it, you didn’t reject it either. Dr Tay told us to only give you half a teaspoon of it on the first day, and to increase the portion size by half a teaspoon each day, but it seemed so pathetic that I gave you more. Daddy kept asking me if the texture of the rice cereal was right and if you were hungry, but I told him that it was my first time doing this, so I had absolutely no clue. That’s what you get with first-time parents!

That’s you, all ready to try solids for the first time!


Daddy just came back from his two-week long business trip and it’s been nice having him work from home since he got back. I’m glad that you seemed to be able to recognise him and have been playing quite happily with him. But then again, you’re quite easy-going most of the time, and smile readily at everyone and anyone, so for all we know, you have no clue who daddy is. I really hope that isn’t the case though.

Smiling at Daddy when he came back


Anyway, you chose to do your first flip on Tuesday, when daddy was home to witness it. You’re taking your own sweet time to hit this particular milestone, but daddy keeps telling me not to worry about it. You hate being on your tummy still, so I suspect that it’s going to be really tough getting you to flip from back to front. Sigh. As it is, you flipping from front to back seems to have happened because you just wanted to be off your tummy. You now roll off quite quickly when we place you tummy down on our bellies, so I guess it was a good skill for you to have learnt. You’re a lot more interested in trying to sit up when you’re lying down, rather than flip onto your tummy, but I have no idea how to teach you to do that!

Oh, you probably won’t be able to remember this, but we have a confession to make. We recently discovered that you’re extremely ticklish, so we’ve been tickling you a lot, trying to find out where your ‘tickle buttons’ are. Heh. You look so cute when you laugh and squirm that we can’t help but laugh along with you. You’ve also seemed to have discovered your voice and you can really get quite loud, babbling away as you suck your thumbs. Yes, thumbs. Apparently, one just isn’t enough. I have no idea why.

I have to go entertain you now, because you’re doing that fake cough of yours to get my attention. I really wish you would take a nap though. Please nap more, okay? You need to nap in order to grow!

One day, when you are able to read and understand what I’ve written, I hope you’ll see how much we love you. You’ve brought us so much joy, and we can’t wait to see what kind of boy you’d grow up to be.

With all my love, Mummy

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