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Tag Team Parenting

Noah hasn’t been sleeping or napping much these days, and it’s really been taking a toil on me. He wakes up frequently at night, not only for milk, but also to be burped and cuddled. On many occasions, after he has fallen asleep in my arms, I put him back into his cot, only to have him awaken almost immediately and the whining starts again. I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep with him in my arms each time.

This afternoon, C gave me the best gift any SAHM could ever receive. He took the baby out into the living room, closed our bedroom door, and told me to SLEEP. And for one whole hour, I had the room to myself, and I could sleep without worrying about the baby. Of course, I could still hear him outside throwing his toys around, but after a while, I tuned the sounds out, and took a much needed nap.

I often feel guilty for wanting to take a break from the baby for a while, but the guilt is definitely lessened when I know that he is spending time with his daddy. They might be watching the F1 race just sitting together on the sofa, but I think it’s important that they have ‘alone time’ together.

Why do I call it tag team parenting, you ask? Well, after my precious hour of rest, C came back into the room, declared that my hour was up, and promptly took a nap too. Of course, he claimed that he didn’t manage to sleep at all, and that his snoring was no indication of him being actually asleep (see Silly Things We Say / Do #11 for the full story) but we both got an hour’s rest each, while the baby stayed wide awake through it all.

I have no idea why the baby is refusing to sleep or eat these days, and I pray that it will just be a phase. But I’m thankful that C gave me that one hour to rest today, because it made me much less cranky. People say that babies get cranky when they don’t get sufficient rest. I think the mummies are the ones who are crankier!

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