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Simple Father’s Day Craft

For Father’s Day this year, I wanted Noah to be more involved in making C’s gift, since he’s old enough to do so. Last year, I made C a map t-shirt, so that Noah could give him “massages” when he drove his cars around on the map.

I’ve seen a lot of Father’s Day crafts online, but felt that they weren’t very practical, so I decided to get Noah to make him a card instead. Yes, I know that cards aren’t very practical, but at least they can be kept easily, and don’t take up a lot of space! I found two footprints related poems, and a sweet message for handprints, so I got Noah to choose his favourite colours for his handprints and footprints, and got down to work.

Materials Needed Paint (I used Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint

) Paper Poems (You can download them here: Walk with me, Daddy) Scissors Glue Laminator (Optional)

Instructions 1. Apply paint liberally all over the soles of your child. (I suggest doing one sole at a time, to minimise the mess.)


2a. Make the footprints on the paper, and allow it to dry.

2b. Do the same with your child’s hands, if you would like to make the handprints one as well.

3. Cut out the poems, and get your child to help paste it onto the paper with the footprints.


4. Write your message, and get your child to draw or write something on it as well, if he is old enough to do so.




5. (Optional) Laminate the paper.

He insisted on placing his hands on top of his handprints


Posing with his simple craft for Daddy



I initially planned to get Noah to give the card to C only on Sunday itself, but somebody obviously didn’t know how to keep a secret, and announced proudly to C, “I made you a card, Daddy!” when C got home. Oh well.

Reading the poems with Daddy


Getting a kiss from Daddy!



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