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September & October 2016

I’ve been really busy recently, so I figured I could combine my monthly round-up of Sept and Oct, since it’s already the end of Nov and I haven’t even written the Sept post. Soon I’ll be writing these posts once a year I think!

The most major event that happened in September was Meimei being hospitalised for bronchiolitis caused by RSV, and it was a really stressful period. She and Didi both took a while to recover from the virus, while N recovered, then caught yet another bug. I got really quite frustrated that N kept falling ill, and towards the end of October, I began to keep him home from school, so that he could recover fully and get the vaccinations necessary for our relocation to Jakarta. The babies also finally received their vaccinations. Didi cried a little, while Meimei was totally chill and didn’t even flinch.

Meimei in hospital


Post-vaccination nap


During the September holidays, N attended an art workshop at Trehaus, and had so much fun painting a monster of his own creation. He also enjoyed being in the class with his favourite Faith Meimei, and they spent some time playing together in the Trehaus play area after the art workshop. I liked that the teacher read a story to the children first, before getting them to create a collage of a monster, then finally, guiding them as they painted their monsters. Trehaus conducts weekly art classes (aka Arthaus Friday), and more details can be found HERE.

The book used for story-time


N’s collage







With Faith Meimei


I tried to spend a bit more one-on-one time with N, and brought him along with me when I went to the wet market. He was very enthusiastic about helping me to choose potatoes, and got a tad freaked out by the chicken feet which the auntie waved at him.

Choosing potatoes


Staring at the chicken feet


The babies were pretty good one morning, so I decided to bring N out to the supermarket and to have lunch with him. He loves having Japanese food, and was thrilled to be able to have one-or-one time with me. Even before we got to the lift, he looked at me and said, “Thank you for bringing me out, mummy!” He prayed hard that he would be able to get the car-trolley at NTUC, and ran happily to it when we got there. It’s been a while since he got to ride in it, so he discovered that he was a bit too big for it, but squeezed himself in anyway. We had a good two or three hours together, and it was just like old times, before the twins came along.

At the supermarket


Yay! Udon!


C and I have been also trying to ensure that N gets alone time with us, so one night, after the babies were asleep, we went out for a late night dessert date at Wimbly Lu. N ordered a plain waffle, and ate 3/4 of it himself! This was after dinner, mind you. I really wonder why he can’t seem to put on weight when he eats so much.

Late night dessert date


C was also on a mission to teach N more about Singapore’s history, so we visited the National Museum of Singapore one morning. There are a few interesting exhibits about how Singapore has evolved, and I was particularly interested in how women and education were viewed back then. “We believe that education for girls must differ from that for boys. The future life of the two sexes is so different, and the difficulties to be overcome are so unlike that it seems unreasonable to train both boys and girls on identical lines… There is no more absolutely ignorant, prejudiced and superstitious class of people in the world than the Straits-born Chinese women.”

At the museum




On women and education


We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival by putting together a simple Minion paper lantern which I bought from Qoo10, and went over to my godsister’s place so that N and her son could run around with their lanterns together. C was still in Jakarta, so I left the babies at home with the confinement lady, and spent some one-on-one time with N.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Okay, I think this post is way overdue, so I’ll write a separate post on the babies’ development soon, instead of including that as I originally planned. Second/third child syndrome is real! I used to faithfully chronicle N’s development each month, but the babies are almost four months old, and I haven’t even written about their first month. Oops. Maybe I’ll be realistic and aim to write a post on their first six months?

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