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Ready or Not, Off We Go!

Latest update! We’re headed for Melbourne first, and we’re leaving next Saturday, once we can book our flight there. I’ve got about a week to come up with my packing list, buy whatever we need, PACK, and we’re off!

C has instructed me to pack light, as we might have to shuttle between Melbourne and Adelaide, so that will be my main challenge. I’m super kiasu, and always prefer to overpack than to be caught without something. The good thing is that we are going to a place where whatever we need can be easily purchased, so I think our strategy will be to bring enough things to last us for about two to three weeks. We won’t be bringing the car seat for sure, and I doubt we will bring the stroller too, since I usually carry Noah in the Manduca.

I have yet to test out the cooking pot which my mum bought for me to bring overseas, but hopefully, that will work out well, and it will be a huge load off my mind. We won’t be bringing a lot of his yogurt drops or biscuits, just enough for the flight, and maybe a couple of days, because I’ve been told that the Australian Customs can be rather particular about what we bring in. Anyway, this baby is soooo fussy, and his tastebuds change with the wind, I think. He can be happily eating a particular brand of biscuits for a few weeks, then suddenly, without any warning, he will reject it, and shove it away each time I try to feed it to him. Sigh. I’m sure that there will be plenty of snack options there for him, so I just need to find a good supermarket near our place, and we’ll be okay.

As C is currently in the US, he managed to buy some warm clothing there for Noah. A kind mummy friend, L, has also passed me some clothes for Noah, and I managed to buy him a few items at Fox Baby too. It’s probably not going to be very cold there, but we’ve noticed that Noah fell ill on our first two overseas trips, and we figured it was due to the cold hotel rooms. On our most recent trip to Hong Kong, we made sure that the rooms weren’t too cold, and were so thankful that he remained healthy throughout the trip. L also advised me to keep Noah warm for the first few days, to help him to adapt to the weather there, so that’s what we will be doing.

Checking out his new clothes from Fox Baby (NOT sponsored, unfortunately.)

I’m probably going to be rather busy for a while, trying to meet up with my friends before we leave, spending time with my family members, making lists, shopping for essentials, and packing, (I got tired just coming up with the things I have to do!) so I might not be blogging as frequently till things settle down. Please bear with me, okay? I’m looking forward to our upcoming adventure, and of course, about sharing it with all of you too. Please do keep us in prayer, and please pray especially for our health and safety. Thank you!

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