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Parklands Animal Farm at Queen Victoria Market

While looking for Queen Victoria Market’s opening hours, I discovered that there was going to be some farm animals at the market on Tuesday, and decided to bring Noah there.

School Holidays Special


The little boy woke up pretty late yesterday morning, (after waking up at 3am and spending more than an hour nursing, and sitting up in our bed) but I managed to get us there before the animals left. There were many children there, all busy cuddling the various animals, and Noah had a great time looking around, and even got to touch some of them.

Patting a baby goat for the first time


Look at how happy he was!


Older kids cuddling rabbits (Big Momma and Coco)


Giving the piglet a belly rub


Stroking a lamb to sleep


Some of the animals getting some TLC


Very fluffy and colourful chickens


Cute little boy who was so pleased that he caught a chicken


Hi, Babe!


Very excited kids


The little boy at the bottom right side of the above picture was one of the helpers, and I was very impressed with him! He was stationed at the entrance of the animal pen, opening and closing the gate diligently, and squirting some hand sanitizer onto our hands before we left the area. When I praised him for doing a good job, he thanked me very politely, and I couldn’t help but wonder if we would ever have such a special experience in Singapore.

The event was very well-run, with little stools in the enclosure for the younger children to sit on, while they cuddled the animals, baskets to contain the smaller rabbits, brushes for the children to brush the pig, lambs, and baby goats (yes, I know they’re called kids, but it’s a bit confusing for me to refer to them as kids here), and a few facilitators going around talking to the kids (see what I mean?), and giving them tips on how to handle the animals. There was even a face-painting booth, so that the kids could get their faces painted with their favourite animal designs.



It was a great way for us to spend our Tuesday morning, and I’m looking forward to more of such unique experiences here.

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