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Parenting Mysteries #7

Noah has been down with a runny nose since Tuesday evening, and it’s been really hard to feed him. It doesn’t help that on Monday, I just started trying to limit his meal-times to 30 minutes, and when his nose starting dripping all over the place on Tuesday evening, I knew I had to go back to the usual long meals, until he recovers. 

Even before he caught this bug, I’ve always wondered why it seems as though at almost every meal, he just HAS to sneeze, while he still has food in his mouth. I’ve learnt to watch for the tell-tale scrunching up of his nose, and rush to cover his mouth with my hand, so that the food doesn’t spray all over the table and floor. I should really be using a piece of cloth or tissue paper to ‘catch’ his sneeze, but I consider myself lucky if I manage to get my hand there in time.

The past four days have seen me cleaning the table and floor, a lot more times than I’d like. He’s been sneezing even more frequently due to his runny nose, and my reflexes just aren’t fast enough to catch the sneezes every single time. The little boy thinks it’s hilarious that he’s sneezing so much, and laughs while he says ‘Ah-choo!’ after he sneezes, while I’m cleaning up the mess on the floor. Sigh.

Is it just our kid, or do all kids sneeze when their mouths are full of food?

Pretending to wipe his nose after sneezing 


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