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Panic Mode: Paused

Thanks, everyone, for all the encouraging messages, left both on my previous post, on Facebook, as well as in private messages. As writing is rather therapeutic and cathartic for me, I wrote the post when I was still trying to make sense of things, and from the comments I’ve been getting, I think I came across as being very stressed and a huge kan cheong spider. Oops.

Now that I’ve had time to digest the news, I’m getting very excited about our impending move! C just told me that his bosses have confirmed it, although further details haven’t been given to him yet. He has to first get his work visa, if I’m not wrong, so things aren’t exactly set in stone yet, though getting the visa shouldn’t really be a problem. The good thing is that most of our living expenditure, ie accommodation, and hopefully, transport (in the form of a rental car), will be covered by his company, so like what one of the mummy bloggers told me, it’s sort of like a super long holiday! 😉

Noah doesn’t like the baby food jars, so like I said, his diet is the main thing that I’m really worried about. Well, at least we’re in Australia, and not some undeveloped country, which means that we can buy whatever we need. Many people have also been telling me how baby-friendly Oz is, and I’m really looking forward to bringing Noah to parks, playgrounds, and open spaces to play. Diapers-wise, it seems as though the quality of Huggies there is better than what we’re used to in Singapore, so that’s another load off my mind. Noah is extremely prone to diaper rash, even at this age, so a good, absorbent diaper is very important. It’s apparently still pretty chilly in both Adelaide and Melbourne at the moment, so we’ll have to get him some warm clothing to last us at least a couple of days there. I’ve heard that kids’ clothes are pretty affordable there, so we will probably do more shopping for him when we get there. It all depends on how long we’re going to be there, so until we know that, we won’t start the shopping or packing.

Once we know for sure which part of Oz we’ll be going to, the real research will begin. I’m also looking forward to exploring the libraries, zoos, markets, and supermarkets there. C was working in Melbourne for a while previously too, and I used to spend hours just walking around Queen Victoria Market, as well as the supermarket near our serviced apartment. I love supermarket shopping! There will be so many new learning opportunities for Noah, because everything will be new for him, and things like touching the different types of carpet in Ikea is a lesson on different textures.

Exploring different textures in Ikea


I’m thankful for all the support and encouragement that has poured in since my previous post, and that’s really the beauty of social media, isn’t it? I’ve never met so many of you wonderful people, but it feels like we’ve known each other for some time, and I’m truly humbled by the numerous offers of help. I’m also thankful for this amazing opportunity to go on an adventure, and to be able to experience life as an ‘expat’.

I’m also thankful that my parents live near our place, and they can help us to keep an eye on our house and car while we’re away. They’re really going to miss their precious grandson, but I’m going to teach them how to use Skype, so that they can at least see him while we’re in Australia. I’ll also continue my photo-a-day updates on FB, as well as blog about our new experiences, so they can keep updated with our lives too. (Yes, my mother reads my blog. Hi, mummy!)


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