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Our Volkswagen Experience – Test-driving the Sharan and Touran

We visited the Volkswagen showroom at Alexandra Road on Saturday to join Rise and Shine for the Volkswagen Family Weekend, and had a fun-filled time there. There was something for everyone in the family – cars for C to test-drive, food for me to snack on, and Smart Trikes for Noah to get pushed around on ride. There was also a pampering corner for mums, but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to check it out.

The Spacious Showroom

Showroom 4

Showroom 1
Showroom 2

We got to test drive both the Sharan and Touran Sport, and I must say that both were really comfortable rides. C enjoyed driving both the cars, and found them to be very responsive, especially for cars of their size. Their powerful, yet quiet, engines meant that accelerating was a breeze, and so smooth that you wouldn’t feel it at all. C was particularly impressed with the low fuel consumption of the Touran, which according to the friendly salesman, was approximately 14km per litre. Some men might baulk at the idea of driving a large family car, but the stylish designs of the Sharan and Touran will quickly take away all their misgivings.

I don’t know anything much about cars, so all I really cared about was the features. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the design of these cars, and if you’re like me, you’d appreciate the little touches like the panoramic sun-roof, classy leather interior, inbuilt GPS, and park assist. Both cars are also large enough for child seats to be placed side-by-side, perfect for families with at least two children. It was a beautiful day for a test drive, and Noah and I had a good time looking up and watching the clouds float by, through the sun-roof. I can just imagine how much kids will love checking out the Christmas light-up in this car!

The Sharan also has foldable tray tables for the second and third rows, power sliding doors, and get this, built-in sunshades. I was blown away by how every little detail was carefully taken care of in the Sharan! If you have a big family, you will definitely appreciate the spacious Sharan, the ultimate MPV. What makes it even more unique is that the seats in the second and third rows can be individually folded, which means you have the freedom to configure the seating arrangement as required, be it more room for bulky items, or more seats for passengers. The Touran is slightly less roomy than the Sharan, though it can comfortably seat seven people as well.

The Sharan and its interior

Sharan Interior

The Touran and its interior


Touran Interior

Volkswagen takes child safety very seriously, and I was impressed that they have even designed a variety of child seats to fit securely in the car. All the new Volkswagens have ISOFIX fastening points, and the Sharan can take up to FIVE child seats!

The Volkswagen Child Seat

Child Seat

After our test drives, Noah went on a test drive of his own too. We didn’t expect to see anything catered for Noah’s age-group, and were pleasantly surrpised to see that the Smart Trike tricycles were just the right size for him. There was even a seat belt to ensure that he didn’t fall off of it, and the little boy was thrilled to be pushed around the circuit by me. (Check out his gleeful expression in the bottom right photo below.)


I was also fascinated by the FoodArt Program organised by Nutriville, and there were many children busy trying out the FoodPaint, FoodPrints, and FoodClay activities, and making Mother’s Day gifts for their mums. Too bad Noah’s too young for it, or I’d love to receive such creative gifts from him.

Before we left, we couldn’t resist grabbing a snack, after seeing how much everyone was enjoying the finger food there.

Showroom 3

It was a really good start to the Mother’s Day weekend for me, and I’m sure the other families present would concur. Kudos to the Volkswagen and Rise and Shine team for organising such a fun event!

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