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November & December 2016

This post is so late, I seriously considered not even writing it, but I figured I’d just do a super short one, and move on to January and February, just for my own reference, since my memory is really bad these days (thank you, pregnancy brain).

I attempted to do Dinovember again, since N had so much fun with last year’s Dinovember, but only managed to do four days of it, because we were relocating.

Dinovember Day 1

Introducing the babies to Dinovember, but Meimei wasn’t interested

Days 2 to 4

The biggest event in November was packing up and moving to Jakarta, but thank God C’s company has relocation specialists to help with everything. I did have to sort through what we wanted to bring, but the movers came to pack everything properly into boxes, and all I had to do was point at what I wanted them to pack up. We had 31 boxes!

Packing Day

Packing Day extended to the babies too

Meimei flipped from her belly onto her back for the first time a day before they turned three months old, but hasn’t been able to do it again since then.

The day Meimei flipped from belly to back

Our flight to Jakarta was the babies’ first ever flight, and it was pretty much a normal flight, although Didi seemed a little uncertain about what was going on. They took turns to be nursed, and my mum helped to hold one of the babies on the flight, while C and N had a great time eating and watching videos.

On the flight to Jakarta

What’s going on?

My mum was in Jakarta for the first two weeks, and my dad joined us for a weekend before flying back to Singapore with her. I bawled when they left, because it felt like we were really all alone in a foreign country. Yes, I know that we can still chat daily, and FaceTime each other, but it’s just not quite the same. I was afraid of being unable to cope with three kids, but thankfully, we found a helper shortly before my parents left, so it wasn’t that bad. I was also worried for my dad, because he was suffering from shortness of breath and occasional chest pains. He had a heart bypass many years ago, and I was afraid that his heart was giving him trouble again.

With my parents

My godma also came over for about 1.5 weeks at the beginning of December, and I really enjoyed having her around, since we hardly get to spend so much time together these days. N also benefited from her stay, as she spoke to him in Mandarin daily, and he got to practise speaking Mandarin regularly.

Hanging out with god-grandma

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary with just a simple cake, and it was honestly just like any other ordinary day. I didn’t do anything at all for C, apart from buying the cake, but hopefully, we’ll be able to do something special for our 10th wedding anniversary!

9 years, 3 kids

N started soccer lessons with Little Kickers, and I’m glad he has this opportunity to expend his energy once a week.

At Little Kickers

Before we left Singapore, I ordered a space-themed playdough kit from Tickle Your Senses for N, as I wasn’t sure if I could get good quality homemade playdough here. They have quite a few book kits now, and I love that the playdough tools are all in line with the book’s theme. Really reduces the amount of preparation needed!

Playing with his space-themed playdough kit

I started reading to the babies more, and N is usually more than happy to join us. He sometimes tries to help by “reading” to them, and even though he’s just making things up as he flips through the pages, the babies don’t seem to mind, because they adore their KorKor.

Reading together

We went back to Singapore for two weeks at the end of the year, and managed to visit the NASA exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. N loved it, and I’m planning to bring out the space-themed playdough kit again soon, since he loves all things space-related.

At the ArtScience Museum

Okay, that was my best attempt at rounding up the last two months of 2016. For the record, I started writing the post in January, and it’s already the middle of February now. Looks like I’ll always be playing catch-up with my bi-monthly updates, but I shall try my best to keep writing these posts (even though they’re probably only interesting to me), since my blog was started as a way for me to record memories.

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