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Noah the Builder (Part 1)

We bought some wooden blocks from Toys R Us for Noah some time back, but initially, he was only interested in getting us to build structures for him, just so that he could knock them down. Recently, he started using the blocks to build increasingly complex structures, and I love how creative he can be with them. I usually take photos of his creations to post on my Dayre, but I thought it would be nice to collate some of them here as well.

I built this with him, and had a lot of fun “bowling” at home, He laughed crazily each time he knocked the blocks down with the large exercise ball, and it kept us busy for quite a while.






His favourite things to build are usually planes and rockets, and it’s rather interesting to see how they have evolved over the past few months. He also started building Changi airport, hotels, and some houses for us. Sometimes, he builds carparks or tunnels, so that he can drive his cars around the structures, but I keep forgetting to take photos when he does that.

Various aeroplanes and rockets








Car (Love how he used the round blocks to make wheels!)


Dinosaur Enclosure (after he watched Jurassic World)





A tall hotel, some houses, and a playground


The tall hotel and some short houses


The slide/see-saw next to a house


His most recent creation is this structure: Changi airport, two rockets, an x-ray machine, and a long conveyor belt to bring the luggage from the x-ray machine to the aeroplanes. I guess I’m not the only one who’s longing to go on a holiday!

Building in progress


Changi Airport, two rockets, and an X-ray machine


The full structure, including the conveyor belt with bags on it


I really think that wooden blocks make great toys, because there are so many things that he can build with them. He loves building now, and likes leaving his creations on the floor, instead of tidying them up, because he wants to show them off to C when he comes home from work. We got another box of the blocks after we noticed that he kept looking for more pieces to add on to his structures, and even then, there never seems to be enough for him.

Honestly, I’m not very good at building with blocks. I don’t have many ideas, and usually just build buildings when he asks me to plays with him, so I was really pleasantly surprised when he started building planes and rockets on his own. Looking forward to watching him build more complex structures!


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