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Noah’s Birthday Gift: DIY Storybook

Noah just turned three last week, and because he loves reading, I thought I’d write him a simple story as his birthday gift. We aren’t really keen on getting him big presents, and last year, we sponsored a child from World Vision in his name as his official present. Of course, he still has no clue about it, but it’s something that we will talk to him about when he’s old enough to understand it.

Anyway, I wanted to do something meaningful for him this year, and since he loves his tiger so much, I thought it would be a good idea to write a story about them. I take plenty of photos of Noah daily, so finding photos of him with Tiger wasn’t difficult. Once I had an idea of what I was going to write, I took photos of Tiger “in action”, and I think those were the photos that amused him the most. I had a lot of fun thinking of how to make Tiger “pose” too!

My original plan was to print out the story on our home printer, then slot the pages into a clear folder that I got from Daiso, but C suggested that I get it printed and bound properly at a shop, so that it would be of better quality. I went to Bras Basah Complex, and because I was in a hurry, I went to the first shop I saw on the ground floor, and got it printed and bound in five minutes, for about $30.

I was very pleased with my “book”, and thankfully, even though Noah received quite a few toys for his birthday, he seems to appreciate my gift as well, and has asked to read it a few times already. After the first reading of the story, he actually acted out some of the “scenes” in the book, like bringing Tiger around on his balance bike, while I was busy. I didn’t realise what he was doing initially, but when I did, I was so amused and happy, because it showed that he was paying attention when I was reading to him, and that he remembered the story.

Since I’m so proud of myself for coming up with the idea, I thought I’d blog about it, and share some of the pages here with you. My personal favourite is the one with Tiger cooking the fish! Haha.

Noah with his Tiger and book


The Adventures of Noah and Tiger

Adventures of Noah and Tiger 1

Adventures of Noah and Tiger 2

Adventures of Noah and Tiger 3

Adventures of Noah and Tiger 4

Adventures of Noah and Tiger 5

I deliberately didn’t write the words ‘The End’ at the end of the story, as I wanted to leave it open-ended, in case I get the opportunity to write a sequel to it next year. It’s a really simple gift, but made with plenty of love, and I think that’s what really matters, isn’t it?


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