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Masak Masak at the National Museum of Singapore

The annual Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore is back, and I was really keen to bring Noah to check it out this year. I’ve seen so many blogposts/Facebook photos/Instagram photos about it, and was looking forward to exploring the exhibits with Noah, especially because the theme was My Childhood, and featured larger-than-life versions of the games we used to play as children. 

We didn’t have time to check out all the exhibits, because we spent almost all of our time at two exhibits: the Larger-than-Life Games at the Concourse, and Rouleaux at Level Two.

Noah had a lot of fun at the ‘marbles’ station, and was dubbed ‘the prodigy’ by the lovely girls manning the area, because he managed to roll most of the balls into the green hole in the middle. They concluded that he was so good at it because he didn’t think about it at all, and just released the balls in whichever direction he liked. The balls would miraculously roll down one side, past the green hole in the middle, up the other side, circle the larger red traps, then roll slowly back down into the green hole. It was really quite entertaining watching him succeed so effortlessly, while C and I tried our best to outplay him.

‘The prodigy’ at work




I was also very amused by the giant five stones, and picked the smallest of the lot for Noah to play with. He enjoyed just shaking the ‘tray’ really wildly, and was most amused when the stones fell off onto the ground.

Giant five stones


The pick-up sticks station was interesting, because it was like playing the game in reverse, where you can build whatever structures you liked, with the soft sticks. When I asked Noah what he wanted to build, his answer was, surprise surprise, a carpark. =.= I made the triangular base for him, and he was happy to throw a couple of the sticks into the ‘carpark’.

Five, six, pick up sticks


Another exhibit which I really enjoyed was the Rouleaux, which is a collection of miniature dioramas, made our of reused toilet rolls. Noah was too short to peep into most of the holes, and to be honest, he probably is too young to appreciate how difficult it was to have made all of them. I liked that there is a craft station here, for the children to make their own dioramas. Noah spent some time colouring the pictures, but we ran out of time, so I brought them home, for him to work on the next day.

Delicate pieces of art



Part of the display


What’s inside?


I can’t see…





Working on his miniature dioramas at home







There are quite a few more interesting exhibits at the National Museum, some of which are only available on weekends. We definitely plan to visit it again before the Children’s Season ends. The new Play@NMS also looks interesting, as it is supposed to encourage learning through play.

Masak Masak My Childhood 24 May to 3 August 2014 Daily, 10am to 6pm Free admission

Playgrounds on the Lawn Every Saturday and Sunday, until 3 August 2014 11am to 1pm, and 3pm to 5pm

Play@NMS Daily, 10am to 6pm Free admission


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