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Kuntum Farmfield

After our trip back to Singapore, I somehow felt like going SOMEWHERE for a short break before school reopened for N, and C suggested going to Bogor for a weekend. He did some research, booked a room at R Hotel Rancamaya, and shortlisted two places for us to check out.

We set off pretty early (by my standards) around 7 or 8am, and went to Kuntum Farmfield directly. It was a little difficult to find, and Google Maps brought us down some super tiny road, but the locals there were very helpful, and gave our driver the right directions.

Kuntum Farmfield

The weather was really good that day. It wasn’t sunny, there was a bit of a breeze, and the temperature there is generally a few degrees lower than that of Jakarta’s, so we were able to walk around quite a bit. They have hats on loan when you walk in, and I thought N looked pretty cute in it, but it wasn’t really necessary that day, thanks to the great weather.

Farmer boy

There are plenty of plants, flowers, and vegetables growing in Kuntum Farmfield, and you can also purchase them from the ticketing area. The main attraction for the kids, however, will definitely be the different animals spread out around the premises. There were rabbits, kids (baby goats), goats, cows, chickens, geese, fish, and even a lone deer.

You can buy various types of animal feed or even milk in milk bottles (C and I initially thought the little girl was giving the kid her own milk bottle). N (and C) had so much fun going around feeding the animals, and it was so cute watching N try to decide which animals to feed, because he wanted to ensure that all of them got something to eat.

Flowers and fresh produce for sale

Many, many plants and vegetables

Feed us, feed us!

The stall

Here’s some milk for you

Told you C was having fun feeding the animals

Okay N had fun too

Some kids

The lone deer

There are two fishing areas inside: one where you sit and wait with a fishing rod, and another where you wade in the water to catch the fish. N really wanted to try fishing, but we weren’t really prepared for it, and promised to let him try it the next time we visited.


If you walk past the fishing area, you’d see lots of vegetable plots, and a small building where hens are kept in rows and rows of cages. We went in for a look, and the staff told us that the black hens with black eyes are the ones that produce eggs with double egg yolks,while the black hens with normal coloured eyes lay eggs with one egg yolk. So interesting!

Vegetable plots

Hello, hens!

Black hen with normal eyes

Black hens with black eyes

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Kuntum Farmfield, and agreed that it’s definitely a place worth revisiting. It’s near enough to Jakarta to do a day trip, so we might consider doing that when the babies are older. The place is well-maintained, and there was some construction work ongoing, but it didn’t really affect the visitors. Do remember to bring your own drinks and insect repellant though!

Kuntum Farmfield Address: JL. Raya Tajur No.291, West Java – BOGOR Tel: 0251-8244725 (Office) 0877-2078-1000 (Whatsapp) Opening Hours: 0800-1800 (Mon to Sun) Price: Rp.40.000 / Org Website HERE

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