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January 2016

I’m trying to be more diligent about keeping a record of our monthly adventures, but as you can see, I need to try a lot harder. I mean, it’s almost the end of February, and I’m only just writing about what we did in January!

Let’s see. What did we do in January? Well, Noah went back to school, no longer a newbie, but a slightly more seasoned N2 student, but that’s not to say that he didn’t cry at all. Yes, my little teh-bao shed some tears and clung tightly to me on the first day of school, but thankfully, he adapted quickly, and was all smiles by the end of that first day.

Unfortunately, going back to school after such a long break also meant that he was more vulnerable to viruses, and he caught a really potent virus that kept him out of school for 1.5 weeks. He had a high fever for more than a week, and we even had to bring him for a blood test to rule out dengue and other bacterial infections. He protested when we put the cool patch on his forehead, so we sometimes resorted to using the ice-pack on his body for a while, because he found that less distracting. My mum came over to help out on one of the days, because I was so tired from looking after a feverish but super-active preschooler for so many days, and she even taught Noah how to spell ‘Tiger’, ‘Mum’, and ‘Dad’ while I took a break. Shiok!

“I don’t like the cool patch. It’s too distracting!”


Cool patch and ice-pack combo


Getting his temperature taken for the n-th time


Grandma taught me to spell!


Noah lost some weight during this period, but his appetite was still relatively good. His all-time favourite meals include macaroni, hard-boiled eggs, corn, and prata. He really enjoys peeling the eggshell off on his own, and I think it’s good for his fine motor skills. Should have thought of it earlier!

Eating his fav macaroni


Peeling the egg on his own


Corn lover


Best local breakfast (according to Noah): Prata


His love for Tiger is still going strong, and he now brings Tiger along almost everywhere we go. He reads with Tiger, and even “cooks” for Tiger. He talks to Tiger a lot, even after we put him into his cot at night, and we can often hear him whispering away to Tiger. He even plays peekaboo with Tiger sometimes, and giggles crazily even though Tiger obviously doesn’t even react. C and I often joke that Noah probably loves Tiger more than he loves us!

Best buds



Reading together


Fruits for Tiger


Ferrying Tiger around on his makeshift rickshaw


Playing peekaboo with Tiger



Noah still enjoys working on his jigsaw puzzles, and I think he has gotten better at them, because he doesn’t need my help anymore. It makes me so happy to see him working quietly on them, because I get some peace and quiet for a while, and I’m contemplating getting him more complicated ones to challenge him. I also like letting him play with his MightyMind Game, because it teaches him to be more flexible, but he is still a little resistant when it comes to the more difficult designs.

Puzzles galore






One other thing I’m grateful for is that Noah is now old enough to play games with us. We received Keekee The Rocking Monkey Board Game for Christmas, and Noah and I have played with it quite a bit. He has gotten pretty good with the whole idea of ensuring that the items on Keekee are well-balanced, but he sometimes prefers to make Keekee topple over, because it’s more fun. We’ve also been playing with our Jenga set from Bangkok, although Noah can be quite reckless at times, pulling the blocks out roughly, and making everything collapse. He laughs each time it happens, so I suspect he is doing it deliberately. Oh well, at least he’s having fun, right?

With Keekee


Playing Jenga with Daddy


Noah loves dancing to the latest hits, and bugs C to play his favourite songs for him almost every night, just so that he can have a dance party on his own. His fav dance songs include ‘Stand By You’ and ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten, ‘Better When I’m Dancin” by Meghan Trainor, and ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift. I think he’s more familiar with the latest songs than I am!

Dancing away


“I’m gonna stand by YOU!”


C also started introducing Noah to Science, via some simple experiments, which I promise I’ll blog about soon. SOON. Noah is also into learning about space, and how our body works, so we’ve been reading some books on these topics together. He still likes building, be it with blocks or Duplo/Lego, and I’ll also share his latest creations in a separate post erm, soon-ish. That’s about it for our January! Hopefully, my February round-up post won’t be as late…

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