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Homeschooling Fun: DIY Creative Play Bottle Caps

I’ve been collecting plastic bottle caps for some time, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with them, because it just seemed like such a waste to throw them away or send them for recycling. They looked like something that I could potentially do SOMETHING with, so I just kept washing and collecting them, while waiting for inspiration to strike.

One day, I decided that instead of using them for the more common activities such as counting, and sorting, I would use them for creative play with Noah. The idea had already been floating around in my head for some time, but I only decided to try it out when I found the magnet tack pieces and metal tray from Daiso. Honestly, this is so simple, I’m a tad embarrassed to be writing about it, because I’m pretty sure others would have thought of it too.

Materials Needed Plastic Bottle Caps (of various colours and sizes) Magnet Tack Pieces Large Metal Tray Permanent Marker (Optional) Plastic box (for storage)


Instructions 1. Stick magnet tack pieces on the back of the plastic bottle caps.


2. (Optional) Write letters or numbers on the insides of the plastic bottle caps, if you want to use them for teaching purposes.


3. Start playing! I have two separate sets: one without any writing on them for creating pictures, and another with letters and numbers written on them for a fun way to teach Noah.

Large Car


Noah took pieces from the different sets to make this police car on his own


What’s he making?



A Fire Engine!


Working on a house


We made some pretty flowers together




You might need to guide your child along initially, but you’d be surprised at what he can come up with after a while. Have fun designing your own creations!


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Jennifer or DinoMama as she is fondly known as to some, is a full time working mum who believes home-cooked meals are the best and tries to cook healthy meals for her family as often as possible. When she is done coaching DinoBoy with his school work or not playing & bonding with him, she will be sitting at a comfy corner in the house busy working on something on her crochet hook. One day, she hopes to be able to be a full time stay at home mum where she can fuss over her family 24/7.


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