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Happy birthday, C!

It’s C’s birthday today, and we just had a lovely meal at Gattopardo, located in Hotel Fort Canning. We were too busy eating to take any photos of the food, but here’s one with us and the surprise chocolate mousse I ordered beforehand.

Blessed birthday, dear!


Service was great, with the staff confirming my reservation via email, arranging for a baby high chair, and preparing the surprise chocolate mousse for C, complete with the words ‘Happy Birthday’, and a candle. We had the grilled calamari, seafood pasta in tomato sauce, spicy sausage pasta, and suckling pig pizza. The dishes all had much fancier Italian names, of course, but like I said, we just wanted to eat. We ordered way too much food, and had to ask for some of our pizza to be wrapped up to go, but I think the pizza was the best part of the meal. We agreed that we could have done without the calamari, but I had read so many good reviews about it that I thought we should at least try it.

Do try Gattopardo if you’re looking for good Italian food at a quiet restaurant! 🙂

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