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Happy 65th Birthday, Grandpa!

My father turned 65 on Monday, and usually, we celebrate birthdays with just a simple meal, and an angpow (a cash gift in a red envelope, for those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term). This year, since we are overseas, I decided to surprise my dad with a gift, delivered to his office. 

I had a tough time trying to find him a gift, and because I took such a long time to decide on the present, I had to email The Plant Story directly, to see if they could accommodate my last minute purchase. Thankfully, I received a reply from them the very next day, and they were kind enough to ask me if I wanted to include a message, and to arrange for the delivery to be done by 12 noon on Monday, as my dad was on half day leave. I think my dad was pretty pleased to have received the terrarium, as he loves plants, and especially because the gift was “from Noah”. He even told my mum, “Wah, Noah so clever hor, can send me present!” Haha.

*Photos courtesy of my mum, who erm, isn’t the best photographer in the family. 😛 

In the box 


Straight Up Rainforest Garden Terrarium with personalised note 



Close-up of the two additional Murano glass figurines which I requested, because my dad was born in the Year of the Ox, while my mum was born in the Year of the Pig 


Noah with grandpa last year 


PS. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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