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Gruffalo Madness

I recently borrowed a copy of The Gruffalo from the library, and Noah absolutely loves it! He asks me to read it to him multiple times a day, and was thrilled when I found some free colouring pages for him to work on. 

He still doesn’t colour inside the lines, and sometimes insists on colouring the entire sheet of paper, regardless of whether there’s a picture there to colour, but he does try to colour the Gruffalo according to the colours he sees in the book. (The key word here is TRY, because he tends to get carried away, and scribbles all over, with whichever colour tickles his fancy after a while.)

Busy colouring







The Gruffalo: Free download available HERE



The Gruffalo in the deep dark wood: Free download available HERE



The Gruffalo Mask: Free download available HERE


I wanted to make finger puppets for him, but ended up laminating them, and pasting them onto ice-cream sticks instead. He loves them, and likes to pick out the characters as I read the book to him. We’ve gone through the book so many times that he can recite some of the lines, so it’s pretty cute when he waves the “puppets” around as he says the lines.

Gruffalo puppets: Free download available HERE




I’ve just ordered my own copy of The Gruffalo, plus The Gruffalo’s Child, as I foresee that we will be reading these books for quite some time. I also bought tickets to watch The Gruffalo this week, and I hope Noah will enjoy the production as much as he loves the book!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy the books after clicking on the links in this post, a few cents will go to Noah’s book fund, at absolutely no cost to you at all.


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