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Father’s Day Craft: Map T-shirt

If you’ve liked my Facebook page, you would have seen this post with a tutorial on how to make a car play shirt. I’ve been sharing interesting posts that I come across, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them too. 

I liked this craft very much, and thought it would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift for C. It seemed pretty simple, and low-cost, as all I needed was a plain white t-shirt, a fabric marker, some tape, and eight sheets of paper. You can choose to download and print the map from the link I shared, or you can do what I did: print and cut out some pictures, then create my own map. If you want to use the pictures I used, you can download the pictures for the tee here.


1. Tape four sheets of A4-sized paper together into a rectangle. Make two such large rectangles.

2. Cut out the pictures, and arrange them on the rectangle.


3. Draw the roads to link the pictures together. After some trial and error, I decided to draw straight roads with a ruler, as they were easier for me. I used a width of 5cm for the roads, to allow sufficient space for the Fisher Price Little People car, which Noah loves.


4. Place the second large rectangle on top of this, and trace the map onto it.


5. Slip this map in between the front and back of the plain tee-shirt, with the back of the shirt facing you. The paper helps to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Use a fabric marker to trace the pictures onto the shirt.


6. Trace the roads with the fabric marker. (I found it easier to draw the roads connecting the pictures, after the pictures were in place.)


7. According to the instructions on my fabric marker, the ink needs to be set by either ironing over it, or putting it into the dryer. Check your fabric marker for specific details. I chose to iron it first, before putting it into the dryer, to be extra safe.


8. Your very own map t-shirt is now ready! C gets a nice massage when Noah runs his car all over the map to get to the different destinations. I initially wanted to label the places, as an extra learning activity for Noah, but found it rather difficult to write on the shirt with the fabric marker, and decided against it in the end.


It was supposed to be a surprise, but C came home while I was drawing the map, so since he already knew what his gift was, I figured that there was no point in waiting till Father’s Day to give it to him. C gamely put the shirt on and lay on the floor, for Noah to give him a massage. Noah was very excited, and had lots of fun ‘driving’ the car around to the different places I called out. I love that this gift benefits C, and is somewhat educational for Noah too.


Have fun creating your own map t-shirt!


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