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Father’s Day Celebration at Aviva Superfundae 2015

For Father’s Day this year, I got Noah to make him a personalised card, with his handprints and footprints, but apart from that, I had nothing planned. We had a Father’s Day lunch with my parents on Saturday, followed by a Father’s Day dinner on Sunday with my god-family, so I figured that was more than enough feasting for us.

Our good friends over at A Nugget of Joy were headed to the Aviva Superfundae 2015 that Saturday, and managed to get complimentary tickets for us as well. C is usually reluctant to attend large-scale events, because he’s convinced it’ll be too crowded to be fun, but the programme sounded interesting, and he figured it would be quite fun for the kids to play together. I also may or may not have told him that it was his Father’s Day celebration, but that’s not the point here.

Noah took a short nap before we headed out, so he was fully recharged and ready to play when we got to the Meadows at Gardens by the Bay. There were so many different game stalls, all spread out comfortably, and the queues weren’t very long, so he was very busy trying out all sorts of things. He absolutely loved the “Car” game, and I think he went on it at least five times. He wasn’t using the ride-on properly, but I’m glad the staff at that booth weren’t fussy, and let him ride it the way he wanted. Noah and Aly also tried out the Milk Dash, Balance Bike, and Skate-Scooter stations together, while the dads did the Beer Dash with the boys. The Nerf guns station was also quite fun, and it was Noah’s first experience with a Nerf gun, as we’ve been trying not to introduce guns to him. Oh well. Anyway, we collected tons of Haribo gummies, as they were freely given out after the kids completed each station, and they had a field day snacking on them, while the adults had a mini picnic with food from the Pasar Bella stalls there.

Ready to Race


Milk Dash



The Dads and their Boys after the Beer Dash


Racing the volunteer before going on the balance bike


On the balance bike that was slightly too high for him



Still not very confident on the skate-scooter


Ready, Aim…


C borrowed Di Di for this photo


The Ready Steady Go Kids booths were relatively empty by the time we got there around 5plus, so Aly and Noah got to try out all three stations. They had to jump over low hurdles, jump into hula hoops, walk sideways, balance tennis balls on rackets, and shoot hoops. Noah loves all sorts of sports-related activities, so this was totally up his alley. I think it also helped that Aly was there to run and play with him, and it was quite sweet watching them play together.






The NDP rehearsal was on that evening, so we managed to see the helicopters and fighter jets zooming over our heads. I tried taking some photos, but was too slow. Oops.




Can you see the fighter jets?


I must say that the Aviva Superfundae 2015 was really well-organised, and we really enjoyed ourselves there. I heard that it was more crowded in the morning, so I guess it was good that we went there in the evening, when the queues were shorter, and the heat wasn’t as bad. We didn’t really plan to celebrate Father’s Day, but this was definitely a great way for the entire family to have fun together. I’m not sure if this is an annual event, but I sure hope it is!

*Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets to the Aviva Superfundae 2015. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.


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