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Double the Birthday Fun at Carousel

This year, we decided to keep things really simple, and instead of having a birthday party for Noah, we chose to do two mini celebrations with our families. 

As it is also my mum’s birthday, our first celebration was a combined one, and C chose the Carousel buffet at Royal Plaza on Scotts as the venue. I ordered a simple cake from my friend, and got her to personalise it by adding an image of Grug on it, as it is Noah’s current favourite character.


The service at Carousel is impeccable. C forgot to request for two highchairs when he made the reservation, but the staff quickly found us another larger table, while we waited at the entrance, and ushered us in as soon as possible. They asked me who the birthday cake was for, (and made my mum extra happy when they mistook her for my sister), then informed me that they would hold on to the cake for us, and serve it after their birthday performance.

There was a wide variety of food available,including the usual cold seafood selection, Japanese teppanyaki, sashimi, and sushi, Indian cuisine, a fresh pasta station, and a lovely dessert spread. The chef at the Roasted Meats area was very kind, and cooked some plain noodles for Noah, even though it was meant for the laksa. I meant to get some pasta for myself, but was too distracted by all the other food, that by the time I remembered, I was too full to try the pasta. I also didn’t manage to get any photos of the food, because we were too busy eating, but C took some really lovely shots of our little group.

My mum with baby L


My dad was too busy eating to pose for a photo


My parents


Baby L





The cousins interacting


Noah with my parents



Me and my little man


Our family


The birthday performance was a fun song and dance by the Carousel staff, all of whom wore bright smiles on their faces, and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. My mum happened to be carrying Noah near the dessert station when the performance started, so they had a really good view, and my mum told me later that Noah was dancing along to the music. The staff also brought over two complimentary birthday cupcakes during the performance, which was a nice gesture.

Happy birthday to Noah and Grandma!





Noah with C’s mum


Time for cake!



Group shot (Noah was too fascinated by the candles to look at the camera) 


Cutting the cake carefully


Mmmm… cake!


We were pleasantly surprised when Carousel sent over this photo in the evening. Thumbs up for the excellent service!

photo 2

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to visit Carousel again, and maybe next time, we can do a staycation too, after the post-buffet food coma.


PS. I’ve been shortlisted as one of the ten finalists in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards, and would really appreciate it if you could take some time to vote for me at the Singapore Blog Awards website. You can vote once daily, until 3pm on 31st July 2014. Thanks!

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