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DIY Wrapping Paper

Noah took a really short nap yesterday, so I decided to keep him entertained by letting him paint again. This time round, I gave him some mahjong paper, so that when he’s done with it, I can use it as wrapping paper for some gifts. 

To minimise the amount of cleaning up I have to do, I put him in the toilet as usual. He’s pretty used to painting in the toilet, and I’m glad our shower area is large enough for such painting projects! I gave him a variety of painting tools, as well as six different colours to paint with.

His painting tools and selection of colours


Artist at work


Wondering why there was paint on his belly


The final products



The artist and his masterpieces


Pretty wrapping paper!


He got bored of painting halfway through the second piece, and I had to help him a little with it. I guess I’ll have to space out these painting projects, instead of getting him to paint more than one piece at a go. I’m pretty pleased with the end result actually, and I’m glad that his work isn’t exactly wasted, since I’m using them as wrapping paper.

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