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DIY Tape Resist Canvas Art

We made our first ever tape resist canvas art during the June holidays, and I’ve been meaning to write a proper post on it, because N seemed to have really enjoyed the process. It’s so simple, I don’t know why it took me this long to actually try it with him!

You don’t really need a lot of materials for this activity, and it can keep your kid occupied for quite some time, so I think it’s a win-win situation, if you don’t mind some mess.

Materials Needed

Canvas board (I got mine from Daiso) Masking tape Acrylic paint



1. Ask your child to think of a design/pattern. N chose to make a flower, but you can also put the tape randomly on the board to create your own design. Another option would be to form letters or words.

2. Use the masking tape to create the pattern chosen. My mistake was to get N to draw the design first, because the pencil markings couldn’t be erased after that. Also, if you prefer a neater look, cut the tape into equal sizes. I tore the tape into various lengths and sizes, which was rather uneven, but definitely unique.

Take a strip of masking tape


Think of where to put it


Paste it onto the canvas board!


Ready to be painted


3. Choose your favourite colours, and start painting! It’s perfectly fine if your child paints over the masking tape, since it will be peeled off later. Do note that it can be quite difficult to wash off acrylic paint, so I would recommend putting newspapers below the canvas board, and covering your child up in an art smock. We got ours from Ikea.

Can I paint now?


Busy painting



4. Peel off the strips of masking tape, and let the paint dry.

Finished product


Proud artist with his masterpiece


5. (Optional) If you like experimenting with different textures, you can add buttons to your canvas painting. I got the buttons from Daiso, and used craft glue (either from Popular, Spotlight, or Art Friend) to stick them to the board, so that the pencil markings could be covered. I think it turned out really nice, and makes the artwork even more interesting!

Pasting buttons


I love how it turned out!

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