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Dinovember 2015 (Week 3)

Noah has plenty of toys and learning materials, so I’ve been digging up many of them for Dinovember. If I know that we’ll have time in the morning for him to spend some time playing, I’ll try to set up something that will capture his attention for a longer time. I’ve also sneakily put in some activities that I want him to work on, like using his Do-a-Dot markers on the worksheets that I printed out for him.

Here’s what the dinosaurs in our house were up to this week!

Dinovember Day 15: Looks like someone needs to lose some weight…

I bought this Balance Set a while ago, and thought Noah might like weighing his dinosaurs, since it’s a fun way to introduce him to the concept that things have weight, and that some are heavier than others. He thought it was fun for a while, and spent some time weighing the different dinos. He discovered that the T-Rex was heavier than the Triceratops, then later decided that it would be more fun to let the dinosaurs have a fight instead. Oh well, at least I tried!

Heavy Triceratops


Is the T-Rex heavier?


Yes it is!


Want to fight?



Dinovember Day 16: Dino School of Rock!

Noah’s school was having a party for the last day of school that week, and the theme was Rock Stars, so one of the other mums helped me to buy a guitar for Noah. I couldn’t think of what scene to create for Noah, so I decided to use the guitar, and let the dinosaurs “give” it to Noah. He was so thrilled with it, and went around telling everyone that his dinosaurs bought him a guitar. Erm… okay…

Rock ‘n’ Roll!





Happy boy with his new guitar


Dinovember Day 17: G is for Grapes

Noah used to be quite enthusiastic about working on his letters, and I printed many Do-a-Dot worksheets for him to use. (You can find the links to the materials in this post.) Unfortunately, he isn’t very keen on them anymore, so I thought I’d use his dinosaurs to get him to work on them again. It would have been perfect if I used the D for Dinosaur one, but he had already completed that one a while back, so I used G instead.

When Noah woke up in the morning, he went straight to “teach” his dinosaurs how to use the Do-a-Dot markers, and completed this handout very quickly. After that, he refused to work on any more of the printables, and used the markers on plain paper instead.

How do these markers work?


“My dinosaurs are so silly, they don’t know how to use the markers.”


“Let me show you, okay?”




Dinovember Day 18: Saying hi to the book versions of themselves

I ordered this cute fold-out dinosaur book from the Scholastic catalogue placed in Noah’s schoolbag, and liked the cute illustrations. I found some of the matching dinosaurs, and placed them on the pictures, for Noah to discover in the morning. He played with them for a while, then suddenly decided that the dinosaurs were hungry, and had to eat, so he went to set up some trees for them.

Is that me?


“Look! It’s you!”


“My dinosaurs are hungry, mummy. I need to feed them.”


Dinovember Day 19: Saturdays are for sleeping in

I thought it would be funny for Noah to wake up and find his dinosaurs still sleeping, so I placed them on our beanbag, and covered them with a blanket. He ran around the house looking for them, and when he saw them, he put his finger on his lips, and told me, “Shhhh… they’re sleeping.” It made me smile to see him pat them tenderly, and trying to ensure that they were covered up properly.



Covering his dinosaurs carefully


Dinovember Day 20: Long queue at the Dino Supermarket

My mum’s friend gifted us with this adorable Ikea cash register, so I lined the dinosaurs up, gave them some fruits and vegetables (also from Ikea), and created this queue at the cashier. Noah had quite a bit of fun with this one, since he got to be both the customer and cashier, but his concept of money is clearly off, because a slice of watermelon cost $50. Haha.

That’ll be $17, please.


$50 for a slice of watermelon? That’s daylight robbery!


Dinovember Day 21: Dino’ll race you!

I love this race track that we bought from Kmart when we were in Adelaide, especially because it makes all the race car sounds when the cars speed down the ramp. I don’t take it out very often, but sometimes, Noah digs it out on his own to play with it, and he loves getting his McQueen and other Cars to race on it. I got his bigger dinosaurs to sit on the Duplo cars that he built earlier that day, so he was quite amused to see them the next morning.

Start your engines!









Observing his dinosaurs






This week’s Dinovember scenes weren’t particularly difficult to set up, because I’m usually very sleepy by the time Noah is asleep, and I just wanted to set-up the scene as quickly as possible. Such a lazy mum, I know. Anyway, he still seems very much into this whole Dinovember thingy, and is super eager to see what his dinosaurs are doing every morning, so that’s good enough for me.


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