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Dinovember 2015 (Week 2)

I think Noah is totally convinced that his dinosaurs come alive at night, because one of the first few things he says when he wakes up every morning is, “I wonder what my dinosaurs are doing!” I must admit that I’m getting a little stumped for ideas, since I’m usually very sleepy by the time he falls asleep at night, and try to put together the next morning’s Dinovember scene as quickly as possible.

Here’s a quick round-up of Week 2’s scenes.

Day 8: Dino Drivers

I set up this large jigsaw puzzle that was a hand-me-down from a friend, put the little dinosaurs on some cars that I placed around the track. Noah loves driving his cars around on this puzzle, so he had a field day playing with this scene.

Spot the dino drivers








Helping his dinosaur to drive around the track


Day 9: Teacher T-Rex

I made these recycled bottle cap magnets for Noah a while ago (instructions HERE), and since I recently got the rainbow handpointer from this local online store, I thought it would be fun to let the T-Rex conduct a mini lesson. I tried to use the bottle caps to form an apatosaurus, and placed the toy version next to it, in the hope that Noah would be able to see the resemblance, but he didn’t.

Noah spent some time playing with the bottle caps after that, and made two squares (don’t ask me why), a flower, a sun, and spelt his own name. He was really proud of his work, and asked to show his creations to C first, before tidying it up at night.

Teacher T-Rex


Noah wanted to be the teacher as well



His creation


Day 10: Go fish!

We got this old-school fishing set during our recent Bangkok holiday, and I thought it would be fun to let the dinosaurs play with it. There are herbivores here too, but I figured they could just watch, even if they don’t eat fish! When Noah saw them that morning, he immediately switched on the game, and started helping the dinosaurs to catch some fish.

Go fish!


“I got one!”


Fishing with his dinosaurs



Day 11: Dinosaurs like sensory bins too

Every now and then, Noah will ask to play with beans, and I’ll set up a sensory bin for him. (Check out this post to find out more about how to create your own sensory bins.) I tried getting the dinos to bury two of the smaller dinosaurs in the black beans for this scene, and Noah was so happy to be able to play with this simple sensory bin when he woke up.

“I think we need more beans here!”


Happy boy playing with the sensory bin



Day 12: Wanna go for a walk?

Papa T-Rex uses the puppy as a stroller to lug the two smaller dinos around, while the last one is trying to hop on as well. This was a really simple set-up, because I was soooo sleepy! Thankfully, Noah didn’t seem to mind, and started playing with the puppy when he woke up. He sang to the dinosaurs, and used the puppy to “teach” them the alphabet, which I thought was quite cute.

Time for a walk!


“Where are you going, dinosaurs?”



Day 13: Dinosaur Tennis

C and Noah sometimes play with this mini tennis set that I got from Daiso a while ago, so I decided to let the dinosaurs play too! When Noah woke up that morning, he tried to play tennis with the T-Rex, who obviously didn’t respond, so I ended up having to take its place. We had quite a bit of fun hitting the ball to each other, and only stopped when Noah became too sweaty.

Fancy a game of tennis?


Trying to play tennis with the T-Rex



Day 14: It’s playground time!

Noah has tons of toys, which makes it a little easier for me to find inspiration for these Dinovember scenes. This Little Tikes playground set was from our days in Adelaide, and I remember being really pleased when I bought it from Kmart at just AUD7. Anyway, I put the little dinos all around the playground, on the see-saw, swing, and slide. Another simple set-up that provided Noah with the opportunity to have some free play time!

Time to play!


Too busy playing to look at the camera



Noah really looks forward to seeing what his dinosaurs are up to every morning, and literally runs out of the room to look for them when he wakes up. I love that he is so into Dinovember now that he doesn’t even question how the dinosaurs can do all these things, and best of all, he spends time quietly playing with them, which gives me time to prepare his breakfast without him following me around the house.


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