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Dinovember 2015 (Week 1)

If you’ve been following my posts on social media channels such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Dayre, you’ll probably have seen me posting photos of dinosaurs doing all sorts of things in our home, and might be wondering if I’ve gone a bit bonkers. Well, it’s all part of Dinovember, in which dinosaurs come alive at night, and get up to all sorts of mischief. Take a look at the founders’ Tumblr page HERE for more information and photos!

Last year, I figured that Noah was probably too young to appreciate Dinovember, but I loved what I saw on another mum’s IG feed, and told myself that I would do it this year for Noah. But erm, I forgot all about it, until I saw that mum sharing her old posts, and decided to start Dinovember two days late for Noah. Better late than never!

Dinovember Day 1: Sorry we’re late!

The dinosaurs are late, thanks to their inability to locate our home. My poorly drawn map probably confused them, as they flew in on Noah’s cardboard plane (instructions on how to DIY the cardboard plane can be found in this post) which actually doesn’t make sense, since the plane was already in our house. Haha. Thankfully, Noah didn’t think of that when he sat down with the dinosaurs to show them how to find our home on the map!

Day 1


Some dinos were in the plane


Some were trying to figure out the map


“What are my dinosaurs doing?”


“You have to go this way, then this way…”


Dinovember Day 2: Test Drive

After flying in, the dinos decide that they want to test out Noah’s remote controlled car. Noah was really excited when he woke up, and dashed out of the room saying, “I want to see what my dinosaurs are doing!” He was a little stunned when he saw this scene, and stood there for quite a while staring at it. On hindsight, it would have been more entertaining if I had positioned the car to have crashed into a wall or something. Darn.

Day 2




“I think they’re trying to drive the car, mummy.”


After that, Noah decided to gather all his dinosaurs, and put them into a bag, before hanging them at the foot of our bed. He said, “I’m putting the dinosaurs here, so that they can’t go anywhere else.” I think he was trying to see if they would “escape” from the bag and do something the next day! He also kept asking me how the dinosaurs drew the map, since they don’t have hands. I told him that they must have gotten the map from someone, and he suggested that the kind witch (from Room on a Broom) gave it to them. Phew! I was worried that he would figure out that I was behind it, but thankfully, he didn’t. Before he went to bed, he said, “I wonder what my dinosaurs will do tomorrow.”

Dinos all in the Bag


Dinovember Day 3: The Great Escape

I bought two larger dinosaurs from Toys R Us after Noah put all his dinosaurs into the bag, with the plan to create an escape scene. It wasn’t as easy as I envisioned it to be, but luckily, I managed to convince him to shift the bag of dinos to C’s bedside table before he went to bed, so that I could set up the escape scene there. I tied two of the dinosaurs to the bag’s string and one of C’s many cables, and used one of Noah’s toy fire engines as well.

When Noah woke up, he ran out of the room to look for the dinosaurs, and I had to call him back to the room to “witness” their escape, and reminded him that he had put them in the bag there. He immediately noticed the two larger dinosaurs, and asked, “How come the dinosaurs changed? This one is different!” I told him that the small dinos must have gotten the two bigger ones in to help them escape, and he fell for the story, because he started telling C all about it.

Day 3


Close-up of the escapees



Trying to figure out what his dinos were up to


That evening, Noah took out his See Inside the World of Dinosaurs book, lined his dinosaurs up, and started “reading” to them. Darn, that was actually what I planned to do with the dinosaurs too!



Dinovember Day 4: Puzzled

I got some simple wooden Dinosaur puzzles from Toys R Us previously, and used them to create the scene. When he woke up that morning, Noah went straight to help them with the puzzles, while muttering, “How come my dinosaurs don’t know how to do the puzzles by themselves?”

Day 4


Working on the puzzles together


Dinovember Day 5: A new addition!

I bought this dinosaur egg toy from Cold Storage some time back, because Noah had so much fun with the kangaroo egg (yes I know kangaroos don’t lay eggs). I actually soaked it without Noah’s knowledge the day before, and when I spotted it cracking, I decided to use it for Day 5’s scene.

Noah ran around the house in the morning, looking for the dinosaurs, and I had to direct him to the toilet for the surprise. He gasped and said, “This toilet has a dinosaur egg! Mummy, I never see this happen before!” Hahaha. This boy cracks me up sometimes (no pun intended). He touched the dinosaur gingerly at first, then took it out of the water to show it to me. Look at how pleased he was!

The night before


Day 5


Touching the “baby dinosaur”


“Look, mummy!”



Dinovember Day 6: Blockheads

Noah was playing with blocks the night before, so I decided to build something for them. I wanted it to look like Jurassic Park, but quickly realised that I’m really bad at building structures out of blocks! Noah is pretty good at it (see some of his creations HERE), but I doubt he got his creativity from me!

It has become Noah’s routine to run out of the bedroom when we take him out of his cot every morning, and when he saw this scene, he proudly declared, “My dinosaurs can build houses like me!”

Day 6






Running out with Tiger


He asked to take a photo with them, like a proud papa


Dinovember Day 7: Hungry?

I love this set of cooking toys from ELC, and thought it would be cute to have the dinos make breakfast. Noah did a happy jig when he saw them, and rushed to help. He “spread jam” on the toast, then shifted the herbivores to the lettuce, so that they could “all eat together”, since “they prefer vegetables”.

Day 7


Helping the dinos with their breakfast



I think Noah is really convinced that his dinosaurs come alive every night now, and I’m a little worried about how I’m going to explain to him that the dinosaurs won’t be able to do that next month. It’s been quite fun thinking of the scenes to create, and I like looking on IG (search for the hashtag #dinovember) to see what ideas other parents have come up with. I’m most impressed by those who aren’t afraid to create a huge mess just for this! I set up the scenes at night, after Noah falls asleep, because he is usually our alarm clock, and I’m too lazy to wake up before him.

Check back next week to see more photos! I post the photos daily on my Dayre, as well as on IG, so you can get a sneak peek there as well.


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