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Blessed 2nd Birthday, Noah!

Last year, we had a birthday party for Noah’s first birthday, and decided that he would only have another birthday party when he is old enough to really appreciate it. 

We had a cozy buffet lunch last Saturday with our families to celebrate Noah’s and my mum’s birthday, and a simple dinner with my god-family on Sunday.

The cake


Our little family


With my god-family (so hard to get a nice shot when there are four kids involved!) 


On the day of his birthday itself, we allowed him to open a present from our friend, and he was thrilled with the 3-in-1 car.


Noah has been asking us to bring him to the zoo, so C took the day off so that we could go as a family. Thank God that the weather was pretty good, and Noah was so excited to see the different animals there. I was disappointed when the staff told me that they ran out of the birthday badges, but there’s always next year! Noah kept asking to see the tigers, so we made it a point to bring him to the white tigers enclosure. He was most amused when the tiger sneezed, and has been repeating ‘tiger sneeze ah-choo!’ to everyone who asks him about his zoo trip. We arrived in time to see some monkeys being fed, and Noah was fascinated by them. The elephant show was quite interesting too, but it was really crowded, and we left before the show ended, so that we could get some lunch. Unfortunately, C was called back to work, and we had to cut our trip short, but not before we bought Noah a small white tiger as a souvenir. He seems to really love it, and even fell asleep in the car while hugging it.

Posing with the fake otters


Peeking out from the jeep in the kangaroos enclosure


At his favourite white tiger exhibit



Napping in the car with his white tiger


This year, we also decided not to get him any presents, because he has way too many unopened toys, which we bought previously, but haven’t given to him. We took out the Fisher Price fire station, gave it to him, and told him that it was his birthday present. He was so happy with it, and refused to stop playing with it, even though it was way past his bed-time.

Pleased with his new toy


We also decided to sponsor a child from World Vision, as Noah’s official birthday gift for this year. This has been something that we’ve been wanting to do for some time, and we thought it would be a more meaningful present than a toy or book. He’s too young to understand it now, but because we’ll be sponsoring the same child for many more years, we will explain it to him when he’s older. Amilcar shares the exact same birthdate as Noah, but their lives couldn’t be more different. Amilcar has eight siblings, and his parents struggle to provide for all of them. They both love toy cars, but I’m sure Noah has a lot more cars than Amilcar does. Sometimes, we forget how blessed we are, and this is our little way of giving back.

About Amilcar


Happy 2nd birthday, darling! We love you very much, and thank God for you, our happy little boy. May He watch over you daily, protect you from all harm and danger, and bless you with good health.


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