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August 2016

August is birthday month for us, because C and I were both born in August, and now, our twins share the same birthday month as us too. If only N was born in August, then we can just have one big massive celebration for everyone in the family! I blogged about the twins’ birth story HERE, so I won’t repeat it here, but that was easily the most significant thing that happened in our family last month.

For my birthday, we had a simple celebration at home, because I was still doing my confinement. I previously won a flower subscription from JM Floral Creation, and they were extremely sweet to send over an extra bouquet of flowers for my birthday. I can’t remember when I last received flowers, so that was a pleasant surprise for sure. C got a cake for me, and we had a simple dinner at home. It’s my first birthday as a mum of three, and I really had my hands full for sure!

Birthday flowers from JM Floral Creation


Family photo


Happy that he got to cut the cake with me


C’s birthday this year was even more of a non-event than mine, because he was in JKT, and only got home late that night. I got a cake from The Icing Room so that N could decorate it for him as a surprise, but unfortunately, N came down with stomach flu that evening, and C had to rush him to the 24h clinic at TMC once he got back from the airport.

Decorating the cake


Birthday greetings from the babies


N was sick for quite a while, but thankfully, C happened to be in Singapore during the worst days, so he could help. I was terrified that the babies would catch the bug, and we tried to keep N away from the babies as much as possible. N was quite lethargic, and spent more time sleeping and lying in bed than usual. He also got to watch plenty of videos because he was unwell, which I wasn’t too happy about, but it was the easiest way to keep him occupied when no one was available to spend time with him.

Watching videos in bed


Before I gave birth, I brought N to visit a small post office, because he’s been asking about how his parcels get delivered to our house. We brought a small parcel to be weighed at the counter, and I let N pay for the stamp, paste it onto the parcel, and put it into the mailbox on his own. He was quite pleased to do all that, but kept asking why he couldn’t go into the back office to see how the parcels got sorted and delivered. I also explained how the POPStation worked, and he was quite fascinated by that. It’s nice to see the world through a child’s eyes sometimes, where everything seems magical and interesting to them!

Mailing out the parcel


Studying the POPStation


N is still very much into building things. He loves building with his wooden blocks, and spends a lot of time on Lego too. He usually needs someone to sit with him while he follows the instructions in the Lego manual, but can generally put the pieces together on his own. He also plays with his marble run (read our review HERE), but needs plenty of guidance to build it himself.

His recent creations




Lego obsession








Marble Run


I don’t really have much time to do as many activities with N as we used to, so I try to focus on a few specific areas, instead of trying to cover a wide range. He loves doing mazes, as well as using the scissors and glue, so those are his “default” activities. C and I are slowly introducing him to patterns and counting, so I gave him some relevant materials to work on.









Patterns (Bears from HERE and free patterns from HERE)







N loves painting, so this month, I took out the small canvas boards that I got from Daiso, and got him to make tape resist name art pieces for all three of them. I don’t know why I thought that letting him use glitter would be a good idea, and although the end product turned out quite nice, I don’t think I’ll be taking out the glitter for him to use any time soon. SO.MUCH.MESS.

Tape Resist Name Art





Surprisingly, N has shown a lot of interest in reading Chinese words and books on his own recently, which I think is thanks to his Berries classes. I bought a set of Chinese readers from Popular for him, and he was very pleased that he could read a whole book by himself.

One of the Chinese readers




It’s been quite a challenge keeping N entertained while handling the twins, so one day, C brought N to the zoo, just the two of them, and had a good father-son bonding time. N got to feed a rhinoceros, which was the highlight of the trip, but he didn’t dare to touch the rhino.

At the zoo





As for the babies, I struggled to get back into the breastfeeding groove, and blogged about how the first month went HERE. I’ve been trying to be more diligent about getting them to do tummy time, since N hardly had tummy time when he was their age. I tried putting them in the ‘Love to Dream’ swaddles, and even though they looked really cute, they didn’t sleep very well in them, so my confinement lady swaddles them the traditional way instead.

First tummy time experience




The lady propped them up into sitting positions for fun one evening, and I managed to get a photo of them, even though they kept toppling over or sliding down.



The kids were very blessed to receive some clothes from Fox Kids & Baby, and I can’t wait to dress the babies up in the adorable onesies.

Thanks for the new clothes, Fox Kids & Baby!


N is still adjusting to his new role as KorKor, and was absolutely thrilled when we let him carry both of the babies one evening. See how proud he is!

Our three kids


What a month we had in August! September has been even more crazy, which explains why this post is so late, but hopefully, I’ll be able to blog more regularly soon. Things are supposed to get easier as they grow older, right? I sure hope so!

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