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A Look at my… Coffee table

The coffee table in our current serviced apartment is Noah’s “work space”. Take a look at it and you’ll see what I mean!

There are so many things on it that you probably won’t realise that there’s actually a table under all that.

Where’s the table?


Confession time: I actually tidied up the items on the table, before taking the photo, so that I could talk a bit about the items. And also so that my mum won’t shake her head at me during our Skype chats, when she sees the mess.

Front view


So what exactly is on Noah’s workspace?

Clockwise from top left 

1. Books from home, including a Chinese book which had its cover unceremoniously torn off one day by the little boy, who was ‘reading’ unsupervised here 2. Some old library books which we bought from a pushcart outside the Adelaide City Council 3. A half-eaten bag of yogurt melts that he snacks on 4. A box of pom pom balls, which he loves to scatter all over the floor 5. The TV remote control, which he sometimes plays with, and occasionally, manages to switch the TV on with it 6. A wooden puzzle, bought from Kmart ($3 only!) 7. A dry/wet bag, with his beloved soft toys on top 8. Stacking cups from Ikea, which he throws around instead of stacking them nicely 9. Hand puppet from the plane ride here 10. A bag of bean bags 11. A tub of Cetaphil moisturiser, which we bought initially for Noah, but it’s too mild for him, so I ended up using it myself 12. Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Train, bought from Kmart 13. Elephant pull-back toy from Queen Victoria Market (QVM) 14. (behind) Wooden bird toy from QVM 15. A pair of marcaras from Kmart ($2 only!) 16. Mountain of library books I borrowed to keep him entertained during meal-times (even though he prefers to look at videos of himself on my iPhone)

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