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Why We Need Waterproof Sheet Protectors

I think getting puked on by your baby is every parent’s rite of passage. C insists that getting pooped on by the baby is worse, but for someone (ie. me) with a huge puke phobia, poo is better than puke.

Noah has been having a runny nose for two days and this is the first time that he’s been ill. He has quite a bit of mucus but refuses to let me wipe his nose. I guess I picked the wrong day to start him on porridge, as I have no idea what brought on the puking.

By the way, can some kind soul please enlighten me on how to cook baby’s porridge without a slow cooker or rice cooker? I normally use the microwave oven to cook our rice and porridge, but couldn’t get the super smooth Cantonese porridge texture yesterday. In the end, I put it into the blender with some hot water, but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. I’ve got cubes of it in the freezer now, although I’ve got half a mind to throw them away.

Anyway, we had to change our sheets twice last night, because Noah puked twice on them. I was terrified that he would throw up again after that as we erm, don’t have enough bedsheets. I am also going to buy waterproof sheet protectors for our bed because there’s nothing like a baby’s puke to galvanize you into action.

The ‘best’ part of last night? After I got Noah to sleep without nursing, C decided to ‘check that the baby is okay’ by touching him and waking him up. And this was past midnight! I was soooooo upset with him, I tell you. Noah was crying and couldn’t go back to sleep till I caved and nursed him for a while. After I finally managed to get Noah to sleep after he was rudely woken up by his daddy, C joked, “You know what I was thinking just now? I was wondering what you would do if I went to sleep.” *rolls eyes* Men!

Thank God that Noah hasn’t puked since last night, and seems fine, although he hasn’t napped at all since he woke up at 730am. I had blocked ducts too, but just went for a massage to clear them. Praying for total healing for us both!

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