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Week 4

Noah is four weeks old today and our confinement lady will be leaving tomorrow. I’m beginning to feel really sad about her departure as she has really helped us a lot during these initial days. Auntie is very good-natured and easy-going, which makes working with her a breeze. When she first arrived, I was really stressed about being able to breastfeed properly and she was such a great source of support and help. She would help me to position the baby properly, give me hot wet towels to ease my engorgement, and stay up to chat with me while I breastfed, so that I won’t fall asleep. After I got used to breastfeeding, I decided to nurse Noah in bed rather than in the nursery, so Auntie would bring him over at night when he cries, before making me a glass of milk to drink. She even holds the cup for me while I drink, even though I’m holding it too, because she’s afraid that I would accidentally drop the cup on Noah! It’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘fed’ like that…

Auntie was the confinement lady for two of my friends and she was so pleased when they brought their kids to visit me. I think it’s sad, really, that even though she was the one who looked after the babies in their first month, they don’t know who she is. I’m sure she’s used to it but she did admit that she does miss all the babies that she has cared for. It’s a bit like being a foster parent of sorts, I guess, and I can’t help but feel sad for her. My ‘solution’? I bought a thumbdrive and downloaded photos of all three babies onto it for her! I know it’s not the same thing of course, but at least she has some photos to look at and I hope they will bring back fond memories for her after she goes back to Malaysia. I also got her to take a photo with Noah so that I can give her a copy of it and more importantly, so that I can tell Noah about her when he’s older.

Auntie with Noah

Auntie has also given C and I some precious couple time during this period. Just yesterday, we went out for a few hours as I wanted to celebrate C’s birthday in advance with him. I surprised him with a massage, on the pretext that I wanted to get a pedicure, and we also had lunch out, with Auntie’s blessings of course, since I’m technically not done with my confinement yet. I really appreciate the fact that we can leave Noah with her and know that he is in good hands!

Right, this post is supposed to be about Noah turning four weeks old but as you can see, I’m quite prone to digressions. 😛 Back to Noah now!

We started doing tummy time with Noah while C was away on a business trip and to our great surprise, the babe actually managed to flip himself onto his back! That was only on the first day though and he hasn’t done it since. I think he was able to do it that day because he was on our sofa and was therefore already slightly tilted due to the angle of the seat. Such a pity that I didn’t manage to capture that moment on video.

His first tummy time experience


We’ve also started letting him take naps on his tummy and he seems quite happy to do so most of the time. However, Noah seems to prefer falling asleep on my body so I’ve had a bit of trouble with that. I try to shift him to his cot after he falls asleep but more often than not, his eyes would spring open to look quizzically at me and he would then refuse to go back to sleep. Sigh.

Noah still has pretty dry skin, as well as some baby acne on his face and neck. We’ve already been adding some baby oil to his bath water and applying some cream prescribed by the paediatrician on the affected areas, but things haven’t improved yet. We’ve bringing him to a new paediatrician on Thursday because the wait time at TMC is just too long, so we’ll see what the new doc says.

I was just telling C yesterday that I can’t remember how it felt to have Noah moving around in my womb anymore. Strange, isn’t it? These days, when I look at the little boy in my arms, I marvel at how wonderful God has been to us. Indeed, our God can do anything! 🙂

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