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The past month has been a rather eventful one for Noah, with him getting sick twice, one of which was even suspected to be chickenpox, and we almost couldn’t fly back to Singapore for our short holiday. The first time round, he had some kind of stomach virus bug, which gave him a fever, poor appetite, and diarrhea, though he was still pretty active and happy. I caught the bug from him, and was unable to do my mummy duties properly, and Noah tried his best to hug and kiss me better.

Hugging and kissing mummy


After much deliberation, we moved to a new serviced apartment, and one of Noah’s favourite activities here is to climb up and down the stairs. There are safety gates installed at the top and bottom of the stairs though, so he spends his time trying to climb the gates, or shaking them really hard, in the hope that they will suddenly spring open.

Testing the safety gates 



Crawling up the stairs


This new place also has full-length glass sliding doors and curtains, which have kept Noah pretty entertained. He stares out at the cars passing by, and when he has had enough of them, he plays peekaboo with us, by hiding behind the curtains.

Playing peekaboo


Another of his favourite activities is to push C’s cabin luggage around in the dining room, and into the kitchen, before sliding open the door leading to the garage, and exclaiming, “Door! Out!”

Pushing the cabin luggage around 


He is still madly in love with cars, construction vehicles, and trains, and can spend quite a bit of time playing with them on his own. He babbles away incoherently as he pushes the cars around, and makes all kinds of sounds, such as ‘vroom vroom’, while running them up and down various surfaces. Sometimes, he insists on bringing his cars to bed with him for nap-time too.

Napping with his cars 


Running over Elmo with his cars 


We took the tram in Adelaide for the first time, and he was very excited about it. I love how I was able to push the entire stroller onto the tram, without having to close it, like in Singapore.


Pretty much anything with wheels is interesting to him, so he was thrilled to be able to push his own child-sized supermarket trolley around. He kept stopping to inspect various items, then tried to put them into his trolley, and I had a tough time saying no to everything. I also had to prevent him from crashing into the other supermarket shoppers, who thankfully, didn’t seem to really mind, and cooed over how adorable he looked.

Shopping at Coles 


He also enjoys drinking water out of a cup, more than his water-bottle, so I got him a plastic cup, as I got too stressed watching him hold a glass cup on his own. He often spills the water, then stops to look and exclaim at the water on the floor, tilting his cup further, and spilling even MORE water, and you get the picture, right?

Water apparently tastes better from a cup


Because he’s still quite difficult to feed at meal-times, he gets to watch a variety of videos, if the usual books and toys aren’t able to distract him for the entire meal. He has learnt to say ‘iPad’, and ‘laptop’ when he wants to watch videos, and likes watching the Wiggles, Tayo the little bus, Elmo (or ‘Eh-mo’, as he says it) and of course, the usual nursery rhymes.

Watching the Wiggles while mummy shops 


Noah also learnt to sort of say his name this month. I say ‘sort of’, because he thinks his name is Na-Noah, instead of Noah. You see, every time we hand him something, we say, “Na, Noah.” and so, even though we’ve been trying to tell him to just say ‘Noah’, he insists on saying ‘Na-Noah’. He also learnt to say ‘milk’, and ‘please’, instead of signing them, though he still signs ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. ‘No’ is one of his favourite words these days, and instead of saying ‘yes’, he says ‘ya’, which is again, something he picked up from us. He says ‘dog’, ‘cat’, and ‘car’, pretty clearly, though ‘bus’ sounds weird, and I’m a little worried that he really cannot pronounce the ‘s’ sound properly. To my mum’s great delight, he also learnt how to say ‘grandma’ a few days ago, but he still refuses to say ‘grandpa’.

This little fella is really cheeky, and when I ask him if he loves daddy, he says, “Mummy!”. Immediately after he says that, C will ask him the same question, and Noah will answer, “YA!” in the ‘of course I do’ tone. He will then say ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’ to both of us, and goes ‘awwww’ when he hugs us. He has really been picking up whatever we say or do, so we have to be extra careful about what we say in front of him these days.

We’ve been meeting up with many people since we got back, and Noah has been having a good time playing with the other children that he meets. He had so much fun with my god-nephews, that he’s been asking for ‘KorKor. Big. Nat.’ every single day! Initially, we were concerned that he might be a tad shy around them, as he’s been refusing to play with some of the kids in Australia, especially if they come running towards him. He’s been pushed a couple of times, and I think that has made him more cautious of who he plays with.

With his cousin, who is not even four months old, but almost the same weight as him


Playing with JieJie Aly 


Waiting for KorKor E to give him some Mamee 


We’ll be in Singapore for a little while more, so hopefully, he’ll get to play with his cousins a couple more times before we head back to Adelaide for a couple of weeks. This boy is so full of energy that he needs to run around a lot every day, to be tired enough to sleep at night!

Happy 21st month, baby boy. Daddy and mummy love you more than you can ever imagine.


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