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Things Noah Says / Does #6 & #7

Noah has always been a rather friendly and affectionate child. He says hello to strangers and random animals when he meets them, and hugs almost anyone who asks for one. Recently, he has been quite the parrot, repeating almost everything we say, and mimicking our actions too. 

My mum has been babysitting Noah for a couple of hours every now and then, whenever we have to attend events without him. Each time before I leave the house, I would explain to him that we were going out for a while, and would be back home soon. I would then hug and kiss him goodbye, and he has been perfectly happy to wave goodbye to us each time. I think I’m the one who suffers from separation anxiety instead of him!

One day, I was about to bring Noah out, when instead of running to the door, he ran to our two “puppies” (display pieces we bought years ago), and started hugging and kissing them.

Me: What are you doing, Noah? We have to go out already!

Noah (to the puppies): I go out (for) a while. I come back later, okay?



When we got back, he ran straight to them again.

Noah (to the puppies): Hi! I come back already!

I was so amused that I told my mum about it. She then deduced that he must have been imitating me, because that’s exactly what I do when I go out without him, and I realised that she was probably right. How interesting that my ‘going out ritual’ has left such a strong impression on him!


I was carrying Noah at the hawker centre, when all of a sudden, he started waving at nobody in particular.

Me: Who are you waving at, Noah?

Noah: *shyly* Cat waving at Noah.

Me: What cat? There’s no cat around, Noah.

Noah: *points* There! Cat waving at Noah. *continues waving*

I looked around, then at the direction in which he pointed, and saw…


(For my international readers who might not know what this is, it’s a cat waving its hand up and down, and is a Japanese cultural icon for prosperity, and success, placed at the cashier’s counter, or at the entrance of the shop.)

I burst out laughing, thought about telling him that the cat wasn’t waving at him, and figured that it was probably easier to just let him continue waving at the cat. He’s such a funny little boy, and I really wonder what goes on in his mind most of the time.


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