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Things Noah Says / Does #4

Noah has recently taken to repeating almost everything we say, and mimicking our behaviour as well. He loves taking public transport with me, and always wants to “help” to tap my EZ-Link card, or to pay the taxi driver when we arrive at our destination.

When we’re in our own car, C is the designated driver, and I sit next to Noah at the back, because he whines a lot more when I’m seated in front. Some time ago, he started asking to “hold money, please” and “have credit card, please” when he is seated in his car seat. After I pass him the money and/or credit card, he examines them for a while, then solemnly says, “Pay Daddy.”

The first time it happened, we laughed, and asked Noah why he had to pay daddy.

Noah: Daddy Dearest* drive. Taxi. Pay Daddy.

C: Ooohhh… Do you need a receipt?

N: Yes. (Two seconds later) Where’s receipt? Where’s receipt?

This boy really does and says the funniest things! We’re quite easily amused by him, to be honest, but then again, I’m sure all parents are the same with their own children, right?

*If you haven’t already done so, you can read the story behind “daddy dearest” here.

Happy to be holding money and a credit card (He rejected the purple note I offered him initially, and insisted on having the blue note) 




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