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Things Noah Says / Does #3

Before we became parents, we never quite understood why some couples addressed each other as ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mummy’, instead of their own names, or terms of endearment, such as ‘Dear’ or ‘Darling’.

C and I, like many other couples, usually call each other ‘dear’ or ‘dearest’. Recently, however, we’ve realised that Noah has noticed it, and decided that he, too, can call C something else other than ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’.

In the supermarket

Me: Noah, have you seen daddy? Where did he go?

Noah: *starts running around to look for C* Dear… Dear…

In the mornings 

Me: Noah, can you please wake daddy up?

Noah: *sticks his face in front of C* Dearest… dearest…

C: Who says you can call daddy ‘dearest’?

Noah: Dearest…

C: Say ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’!

Noah: Dearest…

I guess this is why some parents call each other ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’! We still feel weird calling each other that though, and to be completely honest, it is quite cute to hear Noah’s little voice calling ‘dearest…’, even though we know it’s not appropriate.

Noah running after C and calling him ‘dearest’ 


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