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Things Noah Says / Does #17 & #18

These two hilarious (but gross) incidents happened recently, and when I shared them on my Dayre, everyone was really amused, so I thought I’d record them here on the blog as well, in case I forgot about them. Honestly, Noah comes up with all sorts of nonsense these days, but these two incidents are funnier than usual (to me), so here they are!

#17: The One where Mummy mistakes Practicality for Affection

Every night, at bedtime, we will read a few books in bed together, and Noah usually requests to sleep on our bed after we switch off the lights. He just likes to lie there for a while, occasionally hugging and kissing us, before telling us that he’s ready to go to his cot (which is right next to our bed). It’s all rather sweet really, because he will ask if I had a good day with him, to which my answer is always “Yes, I had a great day with you!”, which makes him really happy, as he grins and tells me in return, “I had a great day with you too!” *cue my heart melting*

His preferred sleeping spot


Anyway, this was one of those nights, or so I thought. We were lying in bed together as usual, with Noah sandwiched between C and I. Noah was really quiet, and not mucking around as he usually did, so I thought he was drifting off to sleep. Suddenly, I felt his little hand caressing my face. ‘Awwww, this boy is so sweet and affectionate,’ I thought. Things got a little suspicious when I heard him giggling as he said, “Wipe on your face, clean on your face.”

Me: What are you doing? N: (Matter-of-factly) I’m wiping my hand on your face. Me: What? Why? Is it a booger? N: (With a tinge of indignance) Noooo… Me: Then what is it? N: (Explains in a long-suffering manner) I put my hand inside here (demonstrates how he stuck his hand down the back of his diaper) then I scratch, so I need to wipe my hand somewhere what. Me: Arrrrrrghhhh! That’s disgusting! Now I need to go wash my face! N: *laughs loudly*

I thought this photo was rather apt!



#18: The One where Noah is Confused

I decided to cook some porridge for our lunch one day, since it was the school holidays, and Noah likes helping me to cut the mushrooms.

My sous-chef at work


My estimation skills have always been poor, so I added way too much water into the pot, and ended up with some really watery porridge.

Said super watery porridge


At dinner time, we were having the leftovers from lunch (I told you I had poor estimation skills), and this conversation ensued.

Me: Wow, the porridge is so watery, no wonder you peed so much after lunch today. N: Huh? What did you say? Me: I said, you ate the watery porridge for lunch, so you peed a lot after that. N: Huh? I pee-pee in the porridge? Me: HAHAHAHAHA. No, you peed a lot in your diaper after lunch. N: *still confused* Me: Nevermind…

Hope his antics put a smile on your face!


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