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Things Noah Says / Does #14, #15, & #16

Sometimes, Noah speaks like a grown-up, and I can’t help but wonder where my baby went. He’s growing up so quickly, yet I can’t seem to see him as a preschooler, and I definitely cannot imagine what he will be like as a seven-year-old, and in his first year of primary school. He’s a real sweetheart most of the time, though he can be a real smart aleck too, and here are some of the recent incidents that I remembered to record.

#14: Noah the Sweetheart

The other night, as I opened the kitchen cabinet to access the rubbish chute, a ninja lizard jumped out onto my chest, before jumping to the floor. I screamed loudly (as any normal person would), and ran to the living room, where C and N were playing.

C: What happened? Me: A lizard jumped onto me! N: (Looking very concerned) Don’t be scared okay, mummy? The lizard isn’t here anymore. The lizard won’t eat you. It’s okay. I will protect you. I love you. The lizard won’t jump at you anymore. Me: Oh thank you, Noah, that’s very sweet of you. N: Don’t be scared, okay? It’s okay. (Hugs me, and pats my chest gently to soothe me.)

Source: Dayre

#15.1: Noah the Smart Aleck

We got Noah some Malay books from the Mini Monsters booth at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, because C’s second language is Malay, and we thought it would be nice to expose Noah to the Malay language.

C: Come, Noah. Daddy is going to teach you Malay. Noah: Okay! C: I’m going to teach you how to say, “My name is Noah.” Noah: My name is Noah! C: No no no. My name is Noah in Malay. Noah: My name is Noah in Malay!

I was sitting nearby, and burst out laughing when I heard it. (I’m actually still giggling about it as I type this. Heehee.) Noah can barely speak/understand Mandarin, so I’m guessing C’s going to have a tough time teaching him Malay as well. For the record, we’re not being Tiger Parents. We just want him to get some exposure to the language, and maybe one day be able to converse with our Malay neighbours.

#15.2: Noah the Smart Aleck

Noah was down with a slight fever recently, so I prayed with him a few times over the course of the day, asking God to heal him completely. The third time I prayed, Noah suddenly interrupted me, and asked, “How many times do you want to pray, Mummy?” I was surprised and amused, but managed to tell him, “I’ll pray until you recover!”

A few days later, C was rather busy, and had to make several work calls at home. When he was on one such call, Noah went up to him and asked, “How many times do you want to call, Daddy?”

I don’t know where he got this whole “how many times” thing, but I suspect he picked it up from me, though I don’t think I say it THAT often.

#15.3: Noah the Smart Aleck

While getting ready to go out one morning

Me: Noah, are you ready? Have you put on your sandals? Noah: Okay, okay! I’m putting on my sandals now, right? Me: Hurry up! I’m going to go out without you after I put on my sandals. Noah: *with exaggerated patience and a super know-it-all attitude* You mean your slippers, right, not sandals? Me: Erm, yeah, sorry. My slippers.

#16: Noah the Backseat Driver

Whenever C drives, Noah turns into a really naggy backseat driver.

Noah: Put both hands on the steering wheel, daddy! C: Okay. Noah: You must drive properly with two hands, like that. C: Okay. Noah: Drive faster, daddy! C: No, cannot. This is fast enough already. Noah: Why? Why (do) you want to drive so fast? C: Huh? I’m not going very fast. Noah: Follow the car, Daddy. Follow it! C: Okay. Noah: Turn left, Daddy! Turn left! This is right. I told you to turn left, right? Why (did) you turn right? C: This is the right way. We can’t go left. Noah: Is this the KPE or the CTE? I don’t like the KPE. Why (do) you always want to go to the KPE? C: This is the way to Daddy’s office…

Mr Backseat Driver and his Tiger


I could go on and on about all the things Noah says while C drives, but you get the idea. Sometimes we really wonder who’s the parent…


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